PlayPlay with musicOriginalBroadway
Opening Date
Dec 01, 1954
Closing Date
Feb 26, 1955
PlayPlay with musicOriginalBroadway


National Theatre
(Dec 01, 1954 - Feb 26, 1955)

1920s; late summer. At the edge of a small town in Kentucky.

Produced by Leonard Sillman
Written by Charles Sebree and Greer Johnson; Songs and incidental music by James Shelton; Featuring songs with lyrics by Charles Sebree and Greer Johnson; Music orchestrated by George Siravo; Musical Director: Abba Bogin
Directed by Guthrie McClintic
Scenic Design by Raoul Pène Du Bois; Costume Design by Raoul Pène Du Bois; Assistant to Mr. Du Bois: Mason Arvold and Willa Kim
General Manager: Leon Spachner
Production Stage Manager: Mortimer Halpern; Stage Manager: Leonard Auerbach
Orchestra Personnel Manager: Meyer Davis
Assistant to the Producer: Jacqueline Adams; National Press Representative: Bill Doll; Associate Press Representative: Robert Ullman and Merle Debuskey
Theodora (Teddy) Hicks
Mrs. Patterson
Dec 01, 1954 - Dec 18, 1954
Anna Hicks
Selma Mae
Willie B. Brayboy
Bessie Bolt
Rose Embree
Aunt Matt Crossy
June Embree
Mr. D.
Fern Embree
Understudies: Vinie Burrows (Theodora (Teddy) Hicks), Mary Farrell (Mrs. Patterson, Rose Embree, June Embree, Fern Embree), Chuck Gordone (Willie B. Brayboy, Mr. D., Sylvanus), Alberta Hunter (Anna Hicks, Aunt Matt Crossy, Bessie Bolt) and Celestine Tutt (Selma Mae)

National Theatre (Dec 01, 1954 - Feb 26, 1955)


Mrs. Patterson
Dec 20, 1954 - Feb 26, 1955
music by James Shelton; lyrics by Charles Sebree and Greer Johnson
Mrs. Patterson
Theodora (Teddy) Hicks
Tea in Chicago
Theodora (Teddy) Hicks
If I Was a Boy
Theodora (Teddy) Hicks
My Daddy Is a Dandy
Theodora (Teddy) Hicks
Be Good, Be Good, Be Good
Theodora (Teddy) Hicks
I Wish I Was a Bumble Bee
Bessie Bolt

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