MusicalOpera Romantic ComedyOriginalBroadway
Opening Date
Jan 27, 1902
Closing Date
Mar 22, 1902
MusicalOpera Romantic ComedyOriginalBroadway


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Garden Theatre
(Jan 27, 1902 - Mar 22, 1902)

A musical in three acts

In and around Huntington Castle

Produced by The Bostonians
Music by Reginald De Koven; Libretto by Harry B. Smith; Musical Director: Samuel L. Studley
Staged by Herbert Gresham
Costume Design by F. Richard Anderson; Scenic Design by Ernest Gros
General Manager: Klaw & Erlanger
Sheriff of Nottingham
Dame Durden
Sir Hugh Montford
Guy of Gisbourne
Lady Vivian
Will Scarlett
Little John
Robin Hood
Maid Marian
Sir H. Ven deVere
music by Reginald De Koven; lyrics by Harry B. Smith
Act 1
Sung By
Annabel Was Fairest
Lady Vivian
The Cellarer's Toast
Will Scarlett, Friar Tuck and Chorus
Song of the Falcon
Maid Marian and Chorus
Sheriff's Song (I Am the Sheriff)
Sheriff of Nottingham and Chorus
The Forester's Song
Little John and Chorus
Love May Come and Love May Go
Maid Marian, Alan-a-Dale, Little John, Will Scarlett and Giles
Never in the Wide, Wide World
Lady Vivian, Little John and Dame Durden
The Dew Is on the Heather
Act 2
Sung By
The Monk and the Magpie
Will Scarlett and Chorus
Song of the Outlaw
Robin Hood and Chorus
A Popular Tune
Sheriff of Nottingham and Chorus
The Man at Arms
Robin Hood, Will Scarlett, Little John and Chorus
Tell Me Again, Sweetheart
Snake Charmer's Song
Maid Marian and Chorus
If You Were I and I Were You
Sheriff of Nottingham, Dame Durden, Guy of Gisbourne and Friar Tuck
True Love Is Not for a Day
Maid Marian and Robin Hood
Song of the Crusader (Guard Ye the Banner)
Robin Hood and Male Chorus
Act 3
Sung By
God save ye merry gentlemen
Under The Mistletoe Bough
Lady Vivian and Chorus
The Cobbler and the Flies
Robin Hood, Guy of Gisbourne, Sheriff of Nottingham, Little John, Friar Tuck and Will Scarlett

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