Opening Date
Nov 20, 1912
Closing Date
Jan 25, 1913


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Winter Garden Theatre
(Nov 20, 1912 - Jan 25, 1913)

A revue in two acts and twelve scenes

Music by Max Hoffman, Sr.; Additional numbers by Anatol Friedland; Book by George Bronson-Howard and Harold Atteridge; Lyrics by George Bronson-Howard and Harold Atteridge; Musical Director: Max Hoffman, Sr.; Additional music by Bobby Jones and Lewis F. Muir; Additional lyrics by Bobby Jones, L. Wolfe Gilbert and Max Hoffman, Sr.
Staged by Ned Wayburn; Choreographed by Ned Wayburn; Production Supervised by Morris Gest
Scenic Design by John H. Young and Louis C. Young; Costume Design by Melville Ellis and Robert Jones
music by Max Hoffmann; lyrics by George Bronson-Howard and Harold Atteridge
(Unless otherwise noted)
Act 1
Let Me Show You Paris
Dance Dracula
Paree's a Branch of Broadway
(lyrics by Max Hoffmann)
The Eye That Never Sleeps
(lyrics by Max Hoffmann)
(Hello Cupid,) Send Me a Fellow
The Gertrude Hoffmann Glide
(lyrics by Max Hoffmann)
Everybody Loves a Chicken
(music by Bobby Jones; lyrics by Bobby Jones)
Life Is a Game of Chance
(Take Me to That) Swanee Shore
(music by Lewis F. Muir; lyrics by L. Wolfe Gilbert)
(Mr.) Yankee Doodle
Act 2
The Garden of Girls
The New Leader
The Merry, Merry Maidens of the Old Front Row
I'll Find a Girl (I'll Find a Boy)
Roller Rinkers
Ride Me Around with You, Dearie
The Rag-Time Boxing Match

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