MusicalComedy FarceOriginalBroadway
Opening Date
Dec 26, 1898
Closing Date
May 22, 1899
MusicalComedy FarceOriginalBroadway


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Star Theatre
(Dec 26, 1898 - Dec 31, 1898)
Grand Opera House
(Jan 23, 1899 - Jan 1899)
Star Theatre
(Feb 20, 1899 - Mar 1899)
Grand Opera House
(May 01, 1899 - May 1899)
Manhattan Theatre
(May 08, 1899 - May 22, 1899)

A musical in three acts

Smooth, Sil & Co.

Re-opened February 20, 1899 at the Star for 16 additional performances.

Produced by Charles E. Blaney
Libretto by Charles E. Blaney; Music by Frank David; Lyrics by Frank David
Kid Gloves
Haza Bargain
The Baby
Gwendolin Dugan
Tong Morton
Maudie Pearl
Lieutenant Hobson
Captain Sigsbee
Mr. Buyer
Uptown Downs
Imperial Quartette
Corset Staye
Miss Pettie Coat
Pinkie Ribbons
Captain Clark
Captain Schley
Mr. Stiff
Captain Sampson
Meery Notes
Reddie Maid
Lieutenant Wainwright
Silkie Stockings
Carrie Nash
Imperial Quartette
Imperial Quartette
Florence Silk
Hattie Flowers
Wood B. Smooth
Miss Cashmore
Lacie Challies
Mrs. Wood B. Smooth
Baby Blue
Super Stitious
Captain Philips
Imperial Quartette
Rose Color
Finas Silk
music by Frank David; lyrics by Frank David
Act 1
Sung By
Monday and Tuesday
A Female Drummer
Haza Bargain and Chorus
Hannah Jackson Greene
Carrie Nash, Wood B. Smooth and Uptown Downs
Act 2
Sung By
In the Department Store
The Salesladies' Annual Ball
Carrie Nash and Company
The Singing Models
Lieutenant Wainwright and Captain Sigsbee
Burlesque Trio
Florence Silk, Wood B. Smooth and Uptown Downs
Act 3
Sung By
Dandy Waiters of the Golden Light
Super Stitious and Imperial Quartette
You Ain't One, Two, Three
Imperial Quartette
The Swellest Thing
Corset Staye and Chorus
Pinkey, My Darling
Haza Bargain
My Own Best Love
Haza Bargain
A Terpsichorean Trifle
Haza Bargain
Kitty More
Carrie Nash and Uptown Downs

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