Opening Date
Jan 25, 1915
Closing Date
Feb 27, 1915


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Knickerbocker Theatre
(Jan 25, 1915 - Feb 27, 1915)

A musical in two acts

Amorillo Island, Philippine Archipelago

Produced by Daniel V. Arthur
Book by Guy Bolton; Music by Jerome Kern; Lyrics by Harry B. Smith; Additional music by Clare Kummer and P.H. Christine; Additional lyrics by Clare Kummer and Guy Bolton; Musical Director: John McGhie
Staged by Robert Milton; Choreographed by Julian Alfred
Scenic Design by D. Frank Dodge and William Castle; Costume Design by Hilarie Mahieu & Co.
Dot Splint
Pansy Whitehead
Myrtle Wattersen
Polly Bainbridge
Willoughby Parker
Clover Royce
Lilly Whitehead
Daisy Hammond
Sergeant McGinn
Lettice Romaine
Violet Fuller
Peter Thompson
Madge Splint
Bob Mandrake
Captain Jerry Carvel
Donna Estrada
Rose Carter
Judge Splint
music by Jerome Kern; lyrics by Harry B. Smith
(Unless otherwise noted)
Act 1
Sung By
Where's the Girl for Me?
Captain Jerry Carvel
Jolly Good Fellow
(lyrics by Clare Kummer)
Willoughby Parker, Captain Jerry Carvel and Bob Mandrake
Lonely in Town
(music by Clare Kummer; lyrics by Clare Kummer)
Polly Bainbridge
I Have Been About a Bit
Madge Splint and Captain Jerry Carvel
Rich Man, Poor Man
(lyrics by Clare Kummer)
A Regular Guy
Judge Splint and Girls
Human Nature
Polly Bainbridge, Willoughby Parker and Judge Splint
Whistling Dan
Polly Bainbridge and Company
Where's the Girl for Me? (Reprise)
Bob Mandrake
Act 2
Sung By
(A) Package of Seeds
Willoughby Parker and Girls
Courtship de Dance
Madge Splint, Captain Jerry Carvel, Dot Splint and Peter Thompson
My Lady's Dress
Polly Bainbridge
Willoughby Parker
Peter Pan
Dot Splint and Peter Thompson
The Triangle
(lyrics by Guy Bolton)
Polly Bainbridge and Willoughby Parker
Wonderful Days
(lyrics by Clare Kummer)
Madge Splint, Willoughby Parker and Girls
My Mindanao Chocolate Soldier
(music by P.H. Christine; lyrics by Clare Kummer)
Polly Bainbridge

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