Opening Date

Oct 04, 1976

Closing Date

Jan 08, 1977

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June 1913. Act I: A Hudson River Dayliner. Act II: Lobby of Honeymoon Inn in the Catskills.

Book by Guy Bolton; Music by Jerome Kern; Lyrics by Schuyler Greene; Based on a farce by Philip Bartholomae; Music arranged by Russell Warner; Musical Director: Edward Strauss
Directed by Bill Gile; Dances and Musical Numbers Staged by Dan Siretta
Scenic Design by Fred Voelpel; Costume Design by David Toser; Lighting Design by Fred Voelpel
General Manager: Helen L. Nickerson; Company Manager: Morry Efron
Stage Manager: Ben Kranz, John J. Bonanni and Jon Engstrom
Assistant Conductor: Manford Abrahamson, Jr.
Press Representative: Max Eisen and Robert W. Jennings; Photographer: Martha Swope
Al Cleveland
Mr. Dick Rivers
Miss Chrystal Poole
Miss Lily Pond
Mr. Dustin Stacks
M. de Rougemont
Mrs. Georgina Kettle
Miss Carrie Closewell
Mme. Matroppo
Mr. Eddie Kettle
Mr. Dyer Thurst
Mr. Rollo Munn
Miss Alwys Innit
Mr. Tayleurs Dumme
Mrs. Elsie Darling
Mr. Percy Darling
Miss Elsie Lilly
Swing: Barbara Pearl
Understudies: Candy Darling (Mrs. Elsie Darling), Don Edward Detrick (Mr. Percy Darling), Jon Engstrom (Mr. Eddie Kettle), Nancy C. Evers (Mme. Matroppo), Spring Fairbank (Miss Elsie Lilly), Les Johnson (M. de Rougemont), Barbara Pearl (Mrs. Georgina Kettle) and J. Keith Ryan (Mr. Dick Rivers)
music by Jerome Kern; lyrics by Schuyler Greene
(Unless otherwise noted)
Act 1
Sung By
We're on Our Way
Some Sort of Somebody
(lyrics by Elsie Janis)
Miss Elsie Lilly, Miss Lily Pond and Mr. Dick Rivers
Thirteen Collar
Mr. Eddie Kettle
Bungalow in Quogue
(lyrics by P. G. Wodehouse)
Mrs. Elsie Darling and Mr. Percy Darling
Isn't It Great To Be Married
Mrs. Elsie Darling, Mrs. Georgina Kettle, Mr. Eddie Kettle and Mr. Percy Darling
Good Night Boat
(lyrics by Anne Caldwell and Frank Craven)
Left All Alone Again Blues
(lyrics by Anne Caldwell)
Mrs. Elsie Darling
Hot Dog!
(lyrics by Anne Caldwell)
If You're a Friend of Mine
(lyrics by Harry Graham)
Mrs. Elsie Darling and Mr. Eddie Kettle
Wedding Bells Are Calling Me
(lyrics by Harry B. Smith)
Act 2
Sung By
Honeymoon Inn
(lyrics by P. G. Wodehouse)
Miss Elsie Lilly and Company
I've Got to Dance
M. de Rougemont and Company
Moon of Love
(lyrics by Anne Caldwell)
Mme. Matroppo and Company
Old Boy Neutral
Miss Elsie Lilly and Mr. Dick Rivers
Babes in the Wood
(lyrics by Schuyler Greene and Jerome Kern)
Mrs. Elsie Darling and Mr. Eddie Kettle
(lyrics by Harry B. Smith)
Mme. Matroppo
Nodding Roses
(lyrics by John E. Hazzard and Herbert Reynolds)
Miss Elsie Lilly and Mr. Dick Rivers
(lyrics by John E. Hazzard and Herbert Reynolds)
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Dec 20, 1976 - Jan 08, 1977
Boston, MA
Nov 22, 1976 - Dec 18, 1976
Toronto, ON
Oct 12, 1976 - Nov 07, 1976
Chicago, IL
Oct 04, 1976 - Oct 09, 1976
Cleveland, OH