Opening Date

Dec 03, 1979

Closing Date

MusicalComedy Romantic ComedyOriginalNational Tour


Produced by Emanuel Azenberg
Book by Neil Simon; Music by Marvin Hamlisch; Lyrics by Carole Bayer Sager; Music orchestrated by Ralph Burns, Richard Hazard and Gene Page; Musical Director: Al Cavaliere
Directed by Robert Moore; Musical Numbers Staged by: Patricia Birch
Scenic Design by Douglas W. Schmidt; Costume Design by Ann Roth; Lighting Design by Tharon Musser; Projection Design by Douglas W. Schmidt
General Manager: Jose Véga; Associate Gen. Mgr: Maurice Schaded; Company Manager: Mitchell Brower; Associate Co. Mgr: Harold Sogard
Production Supervisor: Philip Cusack; Production Coordinator: Robert D. Currie; Production Stage Manager: Craig Jacobs; Stage Manager: James Bernardi; Assistant Stage Mgr: Judy Olsen
Musical Supervisor: Larry Blank; Associate Conductor: Jon Olson
Press Representative: Bill Evans and Harry Davies; Photographer: Martha Swope; Dance Captain: Andrea Green
"I Still Believe In Love" (Reprise) Sung by Johnny Mathis
Vernon Gersch
Dec 03, 1979 - Jun 07, 1981
Sonia Walsk
Dec 03, 1979 - Apr 27, 1980
Voice of Sonia Walsk
Voice of Vernon Gersch
Voice of Vernon Gersch
Voice of Phil the Engineer
Voice of Sonia Walsk
Voice of Sonia Walsk
Voice of Vernon Gersch
Standby: Jean Elliott (Sonia Walsk) and Orrin Reiley (Vernon Gersch)
Understudy: Orrin Reiley (Voice of Phil the Engineer)
Musical Director: Jack Everly
Production Stage Manager: Peter B. Mumford; Assistant Stage Mgr: John Everson
Musical Supervisor: Fran Liebergall


Vernon Gersch
Jun 08, 1981 - Aug 29, 1981
Sonia Walsk
Jun 08, 1981 - Nov 07, 1981
Vernon Gersch
Sep 02, 1981 - Nov 07, 1981
Sonia Walsk
Apr 29, 1980 - Jun 07, 1981
Voice of Sonia Walsk
Standby: Jeff Abbott (Vernon Gersch)
Understudies: Clint Clifford (Vernon Gersch, Voice of Phil the Engineer), Connie Gould (Sonia Walsk), Andrea Green (Sonia Walsk) and Lauren Mitchell (Sonia Walsk)
music by Marvin Hamlisch; lyrics by Carole Bayer Sager
Act 1
Sung By
Vernon Gersch
Workin' It Out
Vernon Gersch, Sonia Walsk and Voices
If He Really Knew Me
Sonia Walsk and Vernon Gersch
They're Playing Our Song
Vernon Gersch and Sonia Walsk
If He Really Knew Me (Reprise)
Vernon Gersch and Sonia Walsk
Sonia Walsk, Vernon Gersch and Voices
Just for Tonight
Sonia Walsk
Act 2
Sung By
When You're in My Arms
Vernon Gersch, Sonia Walsk and Voices
I Still Believe in Love
Sonia Walsk
Fill in the Words
Vernon Gersch and Voices
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Engagement Dates


City and State

Oct 20, 1981 - Nov 07, 1981
Baltimore, MD
Sep 02, 1981 - Oct 17, 1981
Philadelphia, PA
Jun 18, 1981 - Aug 29, 1981
Toronto, ON
Apr 02, 1981 - Jun 13, 1981
Boston, MA
Dec 25, 1980 - Mar 28, 1981
Washington, DC
Oct 02, 1980 - Dec 20, 1980
Detroit, MI
May 15, 1980 - Sep 27, 1980
San Francisco, CA
Dec 03, 1979 - May 10, 1980
Chicago, IL