Opening Date

May 22, 2001

Closing Date

Oct 27, 2001

MusicalComedyOriginalNational Tour


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Buffalo, New York. The Present.

Book by Terrence McNally; Music by David Yazbek; Lyrics by David Yazbek; Music orchestrated by Harold Wheeler; Musical Director: Ted Sperling; Vocal arrangements by Ted Sperling; Incidental music arrangements by Ted Sperling; Dance arrangements by Zane Mark
Directed by Jack O'Brien; Choreographed by Jerry Mitchell
Scenic Design by John Arnone; Costume Design by Robert Morgan; Lighting Design by Howell Binkley; Sound Design by Tom Clark and Nevin Steinberg
General Manager: The Charlotte Wilcox Company
Production Supervisor: Gene O'Donovan; Production Stage Manager: Kimberly Fisk; Technical Supervisor: Aurora Productions
Conducted by Ben Whiteley
Casting: Liz Woodman Casting; Marketing and Press: AWA Touring
Jeanette Burmeister
Vicki Nichols
Ethan Girard
Georgie Bukatinsky
Nathan Lukowski
Malcolm MacGregor
Pam Lukowski
Noah "Horse" T. Simmons
Nathan Lukowski
Dave Bukatinsky
Harold Nichols
Jerry Lukowski
Susan Hershey
Tony Giordano
Reg Willoughby
Buddy "Keno" Walsh
Joanie Lish
Molly MacGregor
Estelle Genovese
Teddy Slaughter
Police Sergeant
Understudies: Heidi Blickenstaff (Pam Lukowski, Vicki Nichols), Erick Buckley (Dave Bukatinsky), Don Burroughs (Jerry Lukowski, Harold Nichols, Ethan Girard), Kevin M. Burrows (Ethan Girard), Julie Foldesi (Pam Lukowski, Vicki Nichols), David Patrick Ford (Buddy "Keno" Walsh), Kimberly Harris (Georgie Bukatinsky), Patti Mariano (Jeanette Burmeister), Dana Meller (Georgie Bukatinsky), James Moye (Jerry Lukowski, Malcolm MacGregor, Harold Nichols), Milton Craig Nealy (Noah "Horse" T. Simmons), Ryan Perry (Malcolm MacGregor, Ethan Girard), Brad Sharp (Buddy "Keno" Walsh) and David A. White (Noah "Horse" T. Simmons)
music by David Yazbek; lyrics by David Yazbek
Act 1
Sung By
Jerry Lukowski, Dave Bukatinsky, Malcolm MacGregor, Ethan Girard, Reg Willoughby and The Men
It's a Woman's World
Georgie Bukatinsky, Susan Hershey, Joanie Lish and Estelle Genovese
Jerry Lukowski and Dave Bukatinsky
Big-Ass Rock
Jerry Lukowski, Dave Bukatinsky and Malcolm MacGregor
Life With Harold
Vicki Nichols
Big Black Man
Noah "Horse" T. Simmons and The Guys
You Rule My World
Dave Bukatinsky and Harold Nichols
Michael Jordan's Ball
The Guys
Act 2
Sung By
Jeanette's Showbiz Number
Jeanette Burmeister and The Guys
Breeze Off the River
Jerry Lukowski
The Goods
The Guys and The Women
You Walk with Me
Malcolm MacGregor and Ethan Girard
You Rule My World (Reprise)
Georgie Bukatinsky and Vicki Nichols
Let it Go
The Guys and The Company
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Sep 06, 2001 - Oct 27, 2001
Chicago, IL
May 22, 2001 - Aug 05, 2001
Toronto, ON