Opening Date

Feb 25, 1984

Closing Date

Jan 20, 1985

MusicalRevueOriginalNational Tour


Music by Jerry Herman; Lyrics by Jerry Herman; Concept by Jerry Herman and Larry Alford; Music orchestrated by Joseph Gianono and Christopher Bankey
Staged and Directed by Larry Alford; Choreographed by Sharon Halley
Scenic Design by Hal Tiné; Costume Design by David Dille; Lighting Design by Michael Newton-Brown; Sound Design by Peter J. Fitzgerald
General Manager: Theatre Now, Inc.; Company Manager: Marion Finkler
Production Supervisor: Jeremiah J. Harris; Production Stage Manager: Patrick Tolson; Stage Manager: Larry Bussard and Barbara Schneider
Musical Supervisor: Donald Pippin; Conducted by Janet Glazener; Pianist: Devorah Juanier; Percussion: Ray Grappone; Music Copying Services: Music Preparation International and Larry Abel
Casting: Mark Reiner; General Press Representative: Charles Cinnamon; Advertising: Ash / LeDonne and Jon Wilner; Dance Captain: Deborah Graham; Photographer: Martha Swope and Associates
Swing: Deborah Graham (Performer)
Production Stage Manager: Patrick Horrigan
music by Jerry Herman; lyrics by Jerry Herman
Act 1
Sung By
Jerry's Girls ('It's Today' from 'Mame')
Put On Your Sunday Clothes (from 'Hello, Dolly!')
It Only Takes a Moment (from 'Hello, Dolly!')
Wherever He Ain't (from 'Mack and Mabel')
We Need a Little Christmas (from 'Mame')
I Won't Send Roses (from 'Mack and Mabel')
Tap Your Troubles Away (from 'Mack and Mabel')
Two-a-Day (from 'Parade')
Bosom Buddies (from 'Mame')
The Man in the Moon (from 'Mame')
So Long Dearie (from 'Hello, Dolly!')
I Wanna Make The World Laugh (from 'Mack and Mabel')
Two-a-Day (from 'Parade') (Reprise)
Shalom (from 'Milk and Honey')
Milk and Honey (from 'Milk and Honey')
Show Tune (from 'Nightcap')
If He Walked Into My Life (from 'Mame')
Hello, Dolly! (from 'Hello, Dolly!')
Act 2
Sung By
Just Go to the Movies (from 'A Day in Hollywood')
Movies Were Movies (from 'Mack and Mabel')
Look What Happened to Mabel (from 'Mack and Mabel')
Nelson (from 'A Day in Hollywood')
Just Go to the Movies (from 'A Day in Hollywood') (Reprise)
Time Heals Everything (from 'Mack and Mabel')
It's Today (from 'Mame')
Mame (from 'Mame')
Kiss Her Now (from 'Dear World')
The Tea Party (from 'Dear World')
Dickie (from 'Dear World')
Voices (from 'Dear World')
Thoughts (from 'Dear World')
That's How Young I Feel (from 'Mame')
Gooch's Song (from 'Mame')
Before the Parade Passes By (from 'Hello, Dolly!')
I Don't Want to Know (from 'Dear World')
La Cage aux Folles (from 'La Cage aux Folles')
Song on the Sand (from 'La Cage aux Folles')
I Am What I Am (from 'La Cage aux Folles')
The Best of Times (from 'La Cage aux Folles')
My Best Girl (from 'Mame')
Hundreds of Girls (from 'Mack and Mabel')
Hello, Dolly! (from 'Hello, Dolly!')
I'll Be Here Tomorrow (from 'The Grand Tour')
Jerry's Girls ('It's Today' from 'Mame') (Reprise)
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Engagement Dates


City and State

Jan 15, 1985 - Jan 20, 1985
Hartford, CT
Jan 08, 1985 - Jan 13, 1985
Scranton, PA
Dec 18, 1984 - Jan 06, 1985
Boston, MA
Dec 11, 1984 - Dec 16, 1984
Nashville, TN
Nov 13, 1984 - Dec 09, 1984
Chicago, IL
Oct 30, 1984 - Nov 11, 1984
New Orleans, LA
Oct 23, 1984 - Oct 28, 1984
Oklahoma City, OK
Oct 09, 1984 - Oct 21, 1984
Denver, CO
Aug 28, 1984 - Oct 07, 1984
San Francisco, CA
Aug 14, 1984 - Aug 26, 1984
Seattle, WA
Aug 07, 1984 - Aug 12, 1984
Tulsa, OK
Jul 31, 1984 - Aug 05, 1984
Houston, TX
Jul 24, 1984 - Jul 29, 1984
San Antonio, TX
Jun 12, 1984 - Jul 21, 1984
Washington, DC
Jun 05, 1984 - Jun 10, 1984
Atlanta, GA
May 29, 1984 - Jun 02, 1984
Wilmington, DE
May 22, 1984 - May 27, 1984
Nashville, TN
May 15, 1984 - May 20, 1984
Louisville, KY
May 07, 1984 - May 12, 1984
Toledo, OH
May 01, 1984 - May 06, 1984
New Haven, CT
Apr 17, 1984 - Apr 29, 1984
Miami, FL
Apr 10, 1984 - Apr 15, 1984
St. Petersburg, FL
Apr 03, 1984 - Apr 08, 1984
Orlando, FL
Mar 13, 1984 - Mar 31, 1984
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Feb 25, 1984 - Mar 11, 1984
Palm Beach, FL