Opening Date

Aug 11, 1992

Closing Date

Nov 22, 1992

MusicalComedyOriginalNational Tour


New York, Tennessee, and Washington, D.C. 1933-34.

Produced in workshop by Goodspeed Musicals (Michael P. Price, Executive Producer); Produced at the Marriott Lincolnshire Theatre by Kary M. Walker; Developed in Cooperation with Members of The National Alliance of Musical Theatre Producers
Book by Thomas Meehan; Music by Charles Strouse; Lyrics by Martin Charnin; Music orchestrated by Harold Wheeler; Musical Director: Keith Levenson
Directed by Martin Charnin; Choreographed by Peter Gennaro; Assistant Choreographer: Patti Mariano
Scenic Design by Ming Cho Lee; Costume Coordinator: Garland W. Riddle; Lighting Design by Ken Billington; Sound Design by Tony Meola; Wig Design by Rick Geyer; Associate Lighting Design: Howard Werner; Assistant Scenic Design: Debra Booth; Assistant Sound Design: John Petrafesa
General Manager: John C. Breckenridge
Production Stage Manager: Randy William Charnin; Stage Manager: Jeffrey M. Markowitz; Assistant Stage Mgr: Theresa A. Cranshaw
Conducted by Keith Levenson
New York Casting by Sherie L. Seff; Animals by William Berloni Theatrical Animals, Inc.; Photographer: Craig Schwartz and Jay Thompson; Dance Captain: Jennifer L. Neuland; Fight Captain: Jennifer L. Neuland
Annie Warbucks
Oliver Warbucks
Commissioner Harriet Stark
Ella Paterson
Simon Whitehead
C.G. Paterson
Grace Farrell
Mrs. Sheila Kelly
Alvin T. Paterson
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Tim's Voice
N.B.C. Announcer
Steve McCall
Warbucks' Accountant
Mr. Stanley
Louis Howe
Man in a Stetson Hat
Marine Guard
Warbucks' Accountant
Mr. Gabriel Heatter
Ray Billy
David Lillianthal
Bert Healy
Piano Player
Miss Jones
Alice's Voice
Dr. Whittleby
Miss Sherman
Miss Amanda Wagstaff
Mrs. Pugh
Understudies: Paul Ainsley (Franklin Delano Roosevelt), Edward Conery (Drake), Alexis Dale Fabricant (Annie Warbucks), Erick Devine (Oliver Warbucks), Charles Douglass (Alvin T. Paterson), Christine Flores (C.G. Paterson), Missy Goldberg (Peaches), Trisha Gorman (Grace Farrell), Anita Jackson (Ella Paterson), Nancy Sinclair (Mrs. Sheila Kelly), Jeffrey Wilkins (Simon Whitehead) and Carol Woodbury (Commissioner Harriet Stark)
music by Charles Strouse; lyrics by Martin Charnin
Act 1
Sung By
A New Deal for Christmas (Reprise)
Annie Warbucks, Oliver Warbucks, Grace Farrell, Drake and All
Above the Law
Commissioner Harriet Stark
Grace Farrell and Annie Warbucks
Changes (Reprise)
Annie Warbucks and The Orphans
The Other Woman
The Orphans
When You Smile
Annie Warbucks and A Friend
That's the Kind of Woman
Drake, Oliver Warbucks, Annie Warbucks and Servants
A Younger Man
Oliver Warbucks
But You Go On
Mrs. Sheila Kelly
Above the Law (Reprise)
Commissioner Harriet Stark and Mrs. Sheila Kelly
There's Not A Lot A Kid Can Do
Annie Warbucks and The Orphans
I Got Me
Annie Warbucks
Act 2
Sung By
Ella Paterson
Love (Reprise)
Annie Warbucks and C.G. Paterson
Somebody's Gotta Do Something
Annie Warbucks, The Patersons, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Grace Farrell and White House Staff
When We Get Ours!
Commissioner Harriet Stark and Mrs. Sheila Kelly
All Dolled Up
Orphans, Annie Warbucks, Oliver Warbucks, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, The Patersons, Commissioner Harriet Stark, Mrs. Sheila Kelly and The Staff
The Tenement Lulluby
Mrs. Sheila Kelly
It Would Have Been Wonderful
Grace Farrell
Changes (Reprise)
Oliver Warbucks and Annie Warbucks
The Day They Say "I Do"
Bert Healy and All
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Oct 27, 1992 - Nov 22, 1992
Los Angeles, CA
Oct 14, 1992 - Oct 25, 1992
San Diego, CA
Sep 24, 1992 - Oct 11, 1992
Houston, TX
Sep 02, 1992 - Sep 20, 1992
Seattle, WA
Aug 11, 1992 - Aug 30, 1992
San Bernadino, CA