PlayFarce Play with musicOriginalBroadway
Opening Date
Feb 02, 1914
Closing Date
Mar 21, 1914
PlayFarce Play with musicOriginalBroadway


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39th Street Theatre
(Feb 02, 1914 - Feb 1914)
Lyric Theatre
(Feb 23, 1914 - Mar 21, 1914)

A play in three acts

New York City

Produced by Frederic McKay
Written by Anne Caldwell; Music by Jean Schwartz; Based on a play by Leo Ditrichstein; Lyrics by Anne Caldwell; Additional lyrics by William Jerome, Marion Sunshine, Jamie Kelly, Gene Buck, Stanley Murphy, Lou Klein and Arthur Weinberg; Additional music by Henry I. Marshall, Frank Gillen, Dave Stamper and Clarence Jones; Musical Director: Al Ellis
Directed by Charles J. Winninger
Scenic Design by H. Robert Law; Costume Design by Maison Bernard, Max & Mahieu and B. Altman & Company
Belle Nesville
Clara Rockaway
Officer Casey
Violet Richmond
Jimmy Jansen
Frederick W. Walker
Bertie Billings
Hyancinth Hartford
Blanche DeFontenoy
Reggie Renfrew
Saladillo Escalada Del Mendoza
Officer Nolan
Mme. Verdier
Lily Atlanta
Chester D. Hoffman
Johnny Rogers
Kate Walker
Daisy Tottenham
Alice Hoffman
Pansy Portland
Daisy Denver
Elevator Attendant
Angie DuPont
Percy Plimpton
Claudia Rogers
Bunny Van Tyne
Jingle Bells
Cleo Berode
Billy Bender
Willie Wilbur
Rose Reno
Charles D. Hoffman
music by Jean Schwartz; lyrics by Anne Caldwell
(Unless otherwise noted)
Act 1
Sung By
Boys, Boys, Boys
Kate Walker and Boys
(It's a) Grand Old Life
(lyrics by William Jerome)
Claudia Rogers and Show Girls
Act 2
Sung By
I've Got Everything I Want But You
(music by Henry I. Marshall; lyrics by Marion Sunshine)
Bunny Van Tyne and Kate Walker
The Flower Garden Ball
(lyrics by William Jerome)
Claudia Rogers and Chorus
If They'd Only Move Old Ireland Over Here
(music by Frank Gillen; lyrics by Jamie Kelly and Lou Klein)
Claudia Rogers
(Dear Old) Dinah
(music by Henry I. Marshall; lyrics by Stanley Murphy)
Bunny Van Tyne, Kate Walker and Girls
(He's a) Dear Old Pet
(lyrics by William Jerome)
Claudia Rogers and Frederick W. Walker
Act 3
Sung By
Everybody (Sometime) Must Love Someone
(music by Dave Stamper; lyrics by Gene Buck)
Claudia Rogers and Ensemble
You're My Boy
(music by Henry I. Marshall; lyrics by Marion Sunshine)
Kate Walker and Bunny Van Tyne
Why Is the Ocean So Near the Shore?
(music by Clarence Jones; lyrics by Arthur Weinberg)
Claudia Rogers

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