Opening Date
Dec 1935
Closing Date
Closing date unknown


The credits for this production have not yet been completed or verified.
This production played in repertory with Fridolin On the Road

Majestic Theatre
(Dec 1935 - Closing date unknown)


"Fridolin on the Road" and "Want Ads" were performed together nightly. "Want Ads" itself was comprised of six different stories, each patterned after a different newspaper want ad.

Produced by S. Hurok
Written by Trudi Schoop; Music by Paul Schoop and Huldreich Fruh
Staged by Trudi Schoop
Piano: Max Fickel and Lothar Perl
Chanteuse (in the sixth ad)
Daughter (in the third ad)
Employer's Wife (in the second ad)
Honorable Lady (in the fifth ad)
Younger Daughter (in the third ad)
Honorable Lady's Child (in the fifth ad)
Father (in the third ad)
Letter Carrier (in the fifth ad)
Cabaret Owner (in the sixth ad)
A Show Girl (in the fourth ad)
Oriental Danseuse (in the sixth ad)
Unscrupulous Gent (in the first ad)
Younger Daughter's Fiancee (in the third ad)
Youthful Lead (in the sixth ad)
Honorable Lady's Child (in the fifth ad)
Secretary (in the second ad)
Business Manager (in the first ad)
Employer (in the second ad)
Fiance's "Race-Conscious" Father (in the third ad)
Dance Director (in the fourth ad)
Newpaper Vendor
Young Fiancee (in the first ad)
Mother (in the third ad)

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