PlayFantasyPlay with musicPuppetsOriginalBroadway
Opening Date
Apr 18, 2000
Closing Date
Jun 04, 2000
1st Preview
Apr 01, 2000
1st Preview
Apr 01, 2000
PlayFantasyPlay with musicPuppetsOriginalBroadway


Cort Theatre
(Apr 18, 2000 - Jun 04, 2000)

City of Monterotondo, Serpentina's garden, the Ogre's mountain lair, other suitably fabulous places

Book by Carlo Gozzi; Translated by Albert Bermel and Ted Emery; Music by Elliot Goldenthal; "Oh Foolish Heart" lyrics by David Suehsdorf; Musical Director: Rick Martinez; Additional text by Eric Overmyer
Directed by Julie Taymor; Musical Staging by Daniel Ezralow; Assistant Director: Kamyar Atabai
Scenic Design by Christine Jones; Costume Design by Constance Hoffman; Lighting Design by Donald Holder; Mask Design by Julie Taymor; Puppet Design by Julie Taymor; Sound Design by Jon Weston; Wig Design by Steven W. Bryant; Make-Up Design by Steven W. Bryant; Projection Design by Elaine J. McCarthy; Associate Scenic Design: Todd Potter; Assistant Scenic Design: Evan Alexander, Larry Gruber and Joanie Schaffer; Assistant to the Scenic Designer: Betsy Ayer; Associate Costume Design: Marion Williams; Assistant Costume Design: Jennifer Halpern; Associate Lighting Design: Traci Klainer; Assistant Lighting Design: Lara Bohon, Michele Disco, Douglas Cox and Michelle Habeck; Assistant to the Lighting Designer: Hilary Manners; Assistant Sound Design: Jason Strengfeld
General Manager: Nina Lannan & Associates and Devin M. Keudell; Associate Co. Mgr: Maggie Edelman
Production Manager: Arthur Siccardi; Production Stage Manager: Kristen Harris; Stage Manager: Amanda Sloan
Percussion: Bill Ruyle; Violin: Antoine Silverman; Woodwinds/Keyboard: Bruce Williamson
Flying Designer: Paul Rubin; Flying effects provided by ZFX, Inc.
Casting: Deborah Brown; Press Representative: The Publicity Office; Marketing: The Walton Group; Vocal Director: Joseph Church; Dance Captain: Tricia Paoluccio; Internet Marketing: Inc.
Servant/Marching Band/Puppeteer
Dancing Water
Servant/Marching Band/Puppeteer
Singing Apple
Servant/Marching Band/Puppeteer
Singing Apple
Servant/Marching Band/Puppeteer
Singing Apple Soloist
Servant/Marching Band/Puppeteer
The Green Bird
Dancing Water Soloist
Servant/Marching Band/Puppeteer
Voice of Calmon
Understudies: Ken Barnett (Renzo, The Green Bird), Bill Cohen (Truffaldino, Pantalone, Servant/Marching Band/Puppeteer), Ramón Flowers (Dancing Water Soloist), Jan Leslie Harding (Ninetta, Smeraldina, Singing Apple, Servant/Marching Band/Puppeteer), Reggie Montgomery (Brighella, Tartaglia, Tartagliona), Sarah Jane Nelson (Singing Apple Soloist), Tricia Paoluccio (Pompea, Barbarina, Singing Apple, Servant/Marching Band/Puppeteer) and Meredith Patterson (Barbarina, Pompea)

Cort Theatre (Apr 18, 2000 - Jun 04, 2000)

Associate Co. Mgr: Maggie Edelman
Assistant Stage Mgr: Jennifer Marik
Act 1
Sung By
Truffaldino's Sausage Shop
O Greedy People
(lyrics by Albert Bermel and Carlo Gozzi)
Singing Apples
Tartaglia's Lament
The Bickering
Calmon, King Of Statues
Joy to the King
(lyrics by Albert Bermel and Carlo Gozzi)
Singing Apple Soloist
Ninetta's Hope
Renzo and Pompea Duet
(lyrics by Albert Bermel)
Renzo and Pompea
Barbarina's Lament
The Waters That Dance
Serpentina's Garden
Under Bustle Funk
Green Bird Desert
The Magic Feather
The King's Lament
Accordions and Palace Rhumba
Act 2
Sung By
Acids and Alkalis
Apple Aria
Oh Foolish Heart
(lyrics by David Suehsdorf)
Full Company

Tony Award®


Best Featured Actor in a Play

2000 Nominee
Derek Smith

Best Costume Design

2000 Nominee
Costume Design by Constance Hoffman
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