Opening Date
Aug 31, 1912
Closing Date
Sep 28, 1912


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Academy of Music
(Aug 31, 1912 - Sep 28, 1912)

A musical comedy in two acts

Long Island in June

Produced by William Fox
Book by Jean C. Havez; Music by William Becker; Lyrics by Jean C. Havez; Additional text by Aaron Hoffman; Additional music by George Botsford; Additional lyrics by Aaron Hoffman; Musical Director: William Becker; Featuring songs by Les Copeland, Neil Moret, Raymond Walker and Lewis F. Muir; Featuring songs with lyrics by William Tracey and L. Wolfe Gilbert
Staged by Jack Mason
Costume Design by Paul Arlington
Otto Heinz
Dr. Burg
George M. Cohen
Margie Dewdrop
Miss Snowball
Sarsfield O'Brien
Oliver Fitznoodle
Jimmy Dodson
Gertie Dewdrop
Honora O'Brien
Rudolph Bock
Duchess "Ivy Bigroll"
Montgomery Worries
music by William Becker; lyrics by Aaron Hoffman and Jean C. Havez
(Unless otherwise noted)
Act 1
Sung By
I Want to Go Back to New York
Sarsfield O'Brien and Chorus
Melody Man
(music by Les Copeland)
Montgomery Worries, Margie Dewdrop and Gertie Dewdrop
After Vespers
(music by Neil Moret)
Duchess "Ivy Bigroll" and Chorus
Keep Away from the Fellow Who Owns an Automobile
Montgomery Worries and Chorus
Since You Said You Loved Me
Gertie Dewdrop and Chorus
Get Rich Quick Wallingford
(music by Raymond Walker; lyrics by William Tracey)
Otto Heinz and Rudolph Bock
The Turkey Trot
The Academy Rag
Miss Snowball and Chorus
Jingle Bells
(music by George Botsford)
Entire Chorus
Act 2
Sung By
The Brighton Beach Rag
(lyrics by William Becker)
Gertie Dewdrop and Chorus
Minstrel Tune
Miss Snowball and Smoke
Honeymoon Days
(music by Les Copeland)
Jimmy Dodson, Gertie Dewdrop and Chorus
I Wonder Where I Met You
(music by George Botsford)
Dr. Burg and Miss Snowball
A Brand New Soldier Tune
(music by George Botsford)
Duchess "Ivy Bigroll" and Chorus
(Waiting for the) Robert E. Lee
(music by Lewis F. Muir; lyrics by L. Wolfe Gilbert)
Duchess "Ivy Bigroll" and Chorus

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