Opening Date
Dec 24, 1887
Closing Date
Closing date unknown


The credits for this production have not yet been completed or verified.
Standard Theatre
(Dec 24, 1887 - Closing date unknown)

France, 1794. Interior of the study of Paul Kauvar. Prison of the Concergerie, adjoining the Revolutionary Tribunal in Paris. The Grand Hall of the Chateau of Delaroche in La Vendee.

Theatre Leased by J.C. Duff
Produced by Frank W. Sanger
Written by Steele MacKaye; Incidental musical selected and arranged by Edgar Stillman Kelley
Production Supervised by Steele MacKaye; The Mob in the play have been grouped and directed by Julian Mitchell
Costume Design by Dazian; Wig Design by Chas. Meyer
Business Manager: H.C. Husted
Stage Manager: Jerome Stevens
Conducted by R. Codeiuppi
Paul Kauvar
Colonel La Hogue
on staff of General Delaroche
a "Sans Culotte"
Dodolphe Potin, alias "Aristides"
an usher of the Rev. Tribunal; later Sgt in Battalion of the Bonnets Rouges
a typical anarchist and a Republican Representative in La Vendee
General Delaroche
Commander of Royalist Forces in La Vendee; twin brother of Mardoche
The Abbe de St. Simon, alias Mardoche
a victim of the Terror; twin brother of General Delaroche
Corporal in the Battalion of the Bonnets Rouges
Marquis de Vaux, alias Gouroc
one of the public accusers of the Revolutionary Tribunal
an Officer of Gensdarmes
General Kleterre
Commander of the Republican Forces in La Vendee
Honore Albert Maxime
Duc de Beaumont
Diane de Beaumont
daughter of the Duke
First Sans Culottes
Second Orderly
Nanette Potin
First Orderly
Second Sans Culottes

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