Opening Date
Sep 30, 1964
Closing Date
Jan 16, 1965
1st Preview
Sep 29, 1964
1st Preview
Sep 29, 1964


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Broadhurst Theatre
(Sep 30, 1964 - Jan 16, 1965)

"Oh What a Lovely War" is based on official records, memoirs, commentaries, newspaper articles, and other factual data from World War I .

Originally produced by Theatre Workshop, Inc.
Book by Charles Chilton and Theatre Workshop, Inc.; Musical Director: Shepard Coleman; Featuring songs by Bingham and Greene, Murphy and David and Valliant and Couturier; Featuring songs with lyrics by Lena Gulibert Ford and Stoddard King; Music arranged by Alfred Ralston
Directed by Joan Littlewood; Choreographed by Bob Stevenson
Scenic Design by John Bury; Costume Design by Una Collins; Lighting Design by John Bury
General Manager: Jack Schlissel; Company Manager: Vince McKnight
Stage Manager: Jerry Adler
Design Supervisor: Klaus Holm; Press Representative: Maurice Turet; Military Adviser: Raymond Fletcher
English Signaller
French Captain
Luxembourg Signaller
Irish Private
French Lieutenant
Sir John French
The Padre
Sir Henry Wilson
German Officer
Sir Douglas Haig
Master of Ceremonies
General Lanrezac
Drill Sergeant
Irish Standard Bearer
Act 1
Sung By
Row, Row, Row
(music by James Monaco; lyrics by William Jerome)
The Ensemble
We Don't Want to Lose You (Your King and Country Want You)
(music by Paul Rubens; lyrics by Paul Rubens)
The Ladies
Belgium Put the Kibosh on the Kaiser
(music by Paddy Ellerton; lyrics by Paddy Ellerton)
Valerie Walsh
Are We Downhearted
The Men
It's a Long Way to Tipperary
(music by Jack Judge and Harry Williams; lyrics by Jack Judge and Harry Williams)
The Men
Hold Your Hand Out Naughty Boy
(music by Murphy and David; lyrics by Murphy and David)
The Men
I'll Make a Man of You
(music by Herman Finck and Arthur Wimperis; lyrics by Herman Finck and Arthur Wimperis)
Barbara Windsor
Pack Up Your Troubles
(lyrics by George Asaf)
The Men
(music by Maurice Abrahams and Lewis F. Muir; lyrics by L. Wolfe Gilbert)
Fanny Carby
Heilige Nacht
Colin Kemball
Christmas Day in the Cookhouse
Brian Murphy
(music by Bert Lee; lyrics by R. P. Weston)
Victor Spinetti
Act 2
Sung By
Oh What a Lovely War
The Ensemble
Gassed Last Night
The Men
Roses of Picardy
(music by Haydn Wood)
Linda Loftus and Ian Paterson
Hush Here Comes a Whizzbang
The Men
There's a Long Long Trial
(lyrics by Stoddard King)
Ian Paterson
I Don't Want to Be a Soldier
The Men
Kaiser Bill
The Men
They Were Only Playing Leapfrog
The Men
Old Soldiers Never Die
Murray Melvin
If You Want the Old Batallion
The Men
Far Far from Wipers
(music by Bingham and Greene; lyrics by Bingham and Greene)
Colin Kemball
If the Sergeant Steals Your Rum
The Men
I Wore a Tunic (When You Wore a Tulip)
Ian Paterson
Forward Joe Soap's Army
The Men
Fred Karno's Army
The Men
When This Lousy War Is Over
Colin Kembal
Wash Me in the Water
The Men
I Want To Go Home
The Men
The Bells of Hell
The Men
Keep the Home Fires Burning
(music by Ivor Novello; lyrics by Lena Gulibert Ford)
Myvanwy Jenn
Sister Susie's Sewing Shirts
(music by Herman Darewski; lyrics by R. P. Weston)
Barabra Windsor
Chanson de Craonne
(music by Valliant and Couturier; lyrics by Valliant and Couturier)
The Ensemble
I Dont Want to be A Soldier
The Ensemble
And When They Asked Us
(music by Jerome Kern; lyrics by Jerome Kern)
The Ensemble

Tony Award®


Best Musical

1965 Nominee
Book by Charles Chilton and Theatre Workshop, Inc.
Produced by David Merrick and Gerry Raffles

Best Featured Actor in a Musical

1965 Winner
Victor Spinetti

Best Featured Actress in a Musical

1965 Nominee
Barbara Windsor

Best Direction of a Musical

1965 Nominee
Directed by Joan Littlewood

Theatre World


1965 Recipient
Victor Spinetti

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