PlayPlay with musicOriginalBroadway
Opening Date
Apr 20, 1915
Closing Date
Aug 07, 1915
PlayPlay with musicOriginalBroadway


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Princess Theatre
(Apr 20, 1915 - Jun 1915)
Maxine Elliott's Theatre
(Jun 07, 1915 - Aug 07, 1915)

A play in two acts

New York City

Book by Guy Bolton and Paul Rubens; Music by Jerome Kern; Based on the liberetto for the English musical "Mr. Popple of Ippleton" by Joseph W. Herbert; Additional music by C. W. Murphy, Dan Lipton, Otto Motzan, Ford Dabney and James Reese Europe; Additional lyrics by Schuyler Greene, Herbert Reynolds, Lawrence Grossmith and Harry B. Smith; Musical Director: Max Hirschfeld; Music orchestrated by Frank Saddler
Directed by J. H. Benrimo; Choreographed by Dave Bennett
Scenic Design by Elsie DeWolfe; Costume Design by Hickson, Inc. and R. B. Fashion Clothes
Vernon Popple
Beatrice Beresford
Daggett Ramsdell
Edna Esmelton
Dolly Dip
Clarice Carrington
Edward Pinaud
Trilby Tango
Polly Polka
Violet Brinton
Gertie Gavotte
Veroniva Vandelier
An Interior Decorator
An Unknown
Splendor Colgate
Freddy Popple
Rolando D'Amorini
Riker Hegeman
Jack Kenyon
Violet Vivienne
Patricia Parkington
Mrs. D'Amorini
Roger Gallet
Miss Tony Miller
Hilda Hesitation
Havelock Page
Jack Kenyon
Maria Maxixe
Tessie Trot
The Pippin
Regan Terry
music by Jerome Kern
(Unless otherwise noted)
Act 1
Sung By
You Know and I Know (and We Both Understand)
(lyrics by Schuyler Greene)
Violet Brinton and Vernon Popple
Cupid at the Plaza
Vernon Popple and Chorus
In Arcady
(lyrics by Herbert Reynolds)
Jack Kenyon
The Magic Melody
(lyrics by Schuyler Greene)
Miss Tony Miller and Chorus
Ten Little Bridesmaids
Violet Brinton and Chorus
Act 2
Sung By
Bed, Wonderful Bed
(music by Dan Lipton and C. W. Murphy; lyrics by Lawrence Grossmith)
Freddy Popple
Another Little Girl
(lyrics by Herbert Reynolds)
Violet Brinton and Vernon Popple
Any Old Night
(music by Jerome Kern and Otto Motzan; lyrics by Schuyler Greene and Harry B. Smith)
Miss Tony Miller and Chorus
The San Francisco Fair
(music by Ford Dabney, James Reese Europe and Jerome Kern; lyrics by Schuyler Greene)
Miss Tony Miller and Chorus

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