Opening Date
Aug 27, 1906
Closing Date
Oct 06, 1906


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Daly's Theatre
(Aug 27, 1906 - Oct 06, 1906)

A musical in three acts

The present time in Florida

Produced by Daniel V. Arthur
Music by Silvio Hein; Book by Edwin Milton Royle; based on the play "My Wife's Husbands" by Edwin Milton Royle; Lyrics by Benjamin Hapgood Burt; Musical Director: Silvio Hein; Featuring songs by Chris Smith; Featuring songs with lyrics by Cecil Mack
Directed by Edwin Milton Royle; Musical Staging by Al Holbrook
Scenic Design by Frank E. Gates and Edward A. Morange; Costume Design by Lord and Taylor
Willie Drinkwater
Reverend Thorley Throcmorton
Mary Montgomery
Miss Keene
Ormsby Kelpepper
Colonel Henry Clay Kulpepper
Miss Smith
Miss Brown
M. Archambeau
Head Waiter
Miss Morton
Miss Wiley
Miss Verdon
Miss Savage
Miss Greene
Miss Longfront
Miss Arbuckle
Bishop Brigham Smudge
Kitty Kulpepper
Miss Longsince
Miss Curley
Senator David Bunchgrass
music by Silvio Hein; lyrics by Benjamin Hapgood Burt
(Unless otherwise noted)
Act 1
Sung By
Looking for a Man By the Name of Smith
M. Archambeau and Guests
Old Reliable Jokes
Senator David Bunchgrass, Willie Drinkwater, Bishop Brigham Smudge, Miss Curley, Miss Greene and Miss Smith
He's a Cousin of Mine
(music by Silvio Hein and Chris Smith; lyrics by Cecil Mack)
Mary Montgomery
Noah Knew a Thing or Two
Willie Drinkwater and Guests
Act 2
Sung By
Three Men in a Boat
Senator David Bunchgrass, Ormsby Kelpepper and Willie Drinkwater
The Last One Is Best of All
Colonel Henry Clay Kulpepper
Mr. Cupid
Mary Montgomery and Ormsby Kelpepper
Act 3
Sung By
Gwendolyn (and Her Mandolin)
Fleurette and Guests
My Hottentot

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