Opening Date
Nov 13, 1922
Closing Date
Jul 07, 1923


Liberty Theatre
(Nov 13, 1922 - Jul 07, 1923)

A musical in two acts and 5 scenes

The Lloyd mansion; the Conroy home; a showroom in the shop of DeVere; Mystery Lane; the Langford home on the Hudson

Produced by George M. Cohan
Music by George M. Cohan; Book by George M. Cohan; Lyrics by George M. Cohan; Musical Director: Charles J. Gebest
Directed by George M. Cohan; Musical numbers staged by Julian Mitchell; Entire Production Under the Supervision of George M. Cohan
Scenic Design by H. Robert Law and Joseph Wickes; Costume Design by Charles Le Maire
Company Manager: C.J. Vion
Stage Manager: Richard Barry
Mrs. Langford
Lloyd's aunt
Specialty Dancer
Captain John Kelly
of the N.Y. Police Dep't
Jack Lloyd
a young millionaire
Specialty Dancer
Specialty Dancer
Nellie Kelly
the girl
Jerry Conroy
from the Bronx
Specialty Dancer
Miss Spendington
a costumer
a modiste
Harold Westcott
Lloyd's chum
Specialty Dancer
Sidney Potter
Lloyd's chum
Francois DeVere
proprietor of the shop
Mrs. Langford's daughter
Specialty Dancer
Ambrose Swift
a society detective
Specialty Dancer
a butler
a housekeeper
music by George M. Cohan; lyrics by George M. Cohan
Act 1
Sung By
Over the Phone
Jack Lloyd and Company
All in the Wearing
Nellie Kelly and Company
Girls from DeVere's
Francois DeVere and Girls
Dancing My Worries Away
Sidney Potter and Marie
Nellie Kelly, I Love You
Jerry Conroy and Company
When You Do the Hinky Dee
Jerry Conroy, Nellie Kelly, Sidney Potter, Marie and Company
Something's Got to Be Done
Wellesly, Matilda, Jean and Francois DeVere
The Name of Kelly
Captain John Kelly and Company
Act 2
Sung By
The Busy Bees of DeVere's
Boys and Girls
The Dancing Detective
Ambrose Swift and Girls
They're All My Boys
Nellie Kelly, Boys and Specialty Dancer
The Flirting Salesmen
Specialty Dancers
You Remind Me of My Mother
Jerry Conroy and Nellie Kelly
The Great New York Police
Captain John Kelly and Boys
The Mystery Play
Miss Spendington and Girls
Arrival of the Guests
The Voice in My Heart
Nellie Kelly
Till My Luck Comes Rolling Along

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