Opening Date
Mar 05, 2020
Closing Date
Jan 23, 2022
1st Preview
Feb 07, 2020
1st Preview
Feb 07, 2020


Belasco Theatre
(Mar 05, 2020 - Jan 23, 2022)

Duluth, Minn. 1934

A return engagement of "Girl From The North Country" opened at the Belasco Theatre on Apr 29, 2022.

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Book by Conor McPherson; Music by Bob Dylan; Lyrics by Bob Dylan; Featuring songs by Jacques Levy and Robert Hunter; Featuring songs with lyrics by Jacques Levy and Robert Hunter; Music orchestrated by Simon Hale; Music arranged by Simon Hale; Additional arrangements by Conor McPherson and Simon Hale; Musical Director: Marco Paguia
Directed by Conor McPherson; Movement Direction by Lucy Hind; Associate Director: Barbara Rubin
Scenic Design by Rae Smith; Costume Design by Rae Smith; Lighting Design by Mark Henderson; Sound Design by Simon Baker; Hair and Wig Design by Campbell Young Associates; Associate Scenic Design: Frank McCullough; Associate Costume Design: Evan Prizant; Associate Lighting Design: Sarah Johnston; Associate Sound Design: Charles Coes; Assistant Scenic Design: Tijana Bjelajac; Moving Light Programmer: Colin Chauche
Executive Producer: Aaron Lustbader; General Manager: Foresight Theatrical and Aaron Lustbader; Company Manager: Ashley Berman; Assistant Co. Mgr: Alexandra Wolfe
Technical Supervisor: Hudson Theatrical Associates; Production Stage Manager: Jeff Brancato; Stage Manager: Laurie Goldfeder; Assistant Stage Mgr: Kaelyn Kreicbergs
Musical Supervisor: Simon Hale; Musical Coordinator: Dean Sharenow; Conducted by Marco Paguia; Associate Conductor: Andy Stack; Piano/Harmonium: Marco Paguia; Guitars: Andy Stack; Violin/Mandolin: Martha McDonnell; Bass: Mary Ann McSweeney; Keyboard Programmer: Randy Cohen Keyboards; Music Copying: Emily Grishman Music Preparation/Adriana Grace/Alden Terry
Casting: Jordan Thaler, C.S.A. and Heidi Griffiths, C.S.A.; Marketing Strategy & Direction: On the Rialto; Press Representative: Rubenstein and Amy Jacobs; Digital Marketing & Advertising: Arthouse; Advertising: AKA; Integrated Experience Marketing: Super Awesome Friends; Dialect Coach: Susan Finch; Fight direction by UnkleDave's Fight-House; Fight Captain: Ben Mayne; Dance Captain: Chiara Trentalange; Production Vocal Consultant: Aimée Steele; Photographer: Matthew Murphy
This production of 'Girl from the North Country' is dedicated in loving memory to Artie Gaffin
Elias Burke
Mrs. Neilsen
Matthew Frederick Harris
Broadway debut
Kate Draper
Dr. Walker
Mr. Burke
Mrs. Burke
Reverend Marlowe
Mr. Perry
Gene Laine
Feb 07, 2020 - Mar 11, 2020
Nick Laine
Joe Scott
Marianne Laine
Elizabeth Laine
Understudies: Jennifer Blood (Elizabeth Laine, Mrs. Burke, Kate Draper), Law Terrell Dunford (Joe Scott, Elias Burke), Matthew Frederick Harris (Gene Laine, Joe Scott, Elias Burke), Ben Mayne (Gene Laine, Elias Burke, Reverend Marlowe), John Schiappa (Nick Laine, Mr. Burke, Reverend Marlowe), Rachel Stern (Elizabeth Laine, Mrs. Burke, Mrs. Neilsen), Chiara Trentalange (Kate Draper), Bob Walton (Nick Laine, Mr. Burke, Dr. Walker, Mr. Perry) and Chelsea Lee Williams (Mrs. Neilsen, Marianne Laine, Kate Draper)

Belasco Theatre (Mar 05, 2020 - Jan 23, 2022)

Company Manager: Alexandra Wolfe; Assistant Co. Mgr: Indigo Sparks
Assistant Stage Mgr: David Lurie-Perret


Colin Bates
Broadway debut
Gene Laine
Oct 13, 2021 - Jan 23, 2022
Understudies: Jennifer Blood (Soloist), Alex Joseph Grayson (Joe Scott, Elias Burke, Soloist), Ben Mayne (Soloist), John Schiappa (Mr. Perry), Housso Semon (Marianne Laine, Mrs. Neilsen, Soloist), Edward Staudenmayer (Mr. Burke, Mr. Perry, Dr. Walker, Reverend Marlowe, Soloist), Anastasia Talley (Marianne Laine, Mrs. Neilsen, Soloist), Chiara Trentalange (Soloist), Bob Walton (Soloist) and Aidan Wharton (Elias Burke, Gene Laine, Soloist)
music by Bob Dylan; lyrics by Bob Dylan
(Unless otherwise noted)
Sign on the Window
Went to See the Gypsy
Tight Connection to My Heart (Has Anyone Seen My Love?)
Slow Train
License to Kill
I Want You
Like a Rolling Stone
Make You Feel My Love
What Can I Do For You?
You Ain't Goin' Nowhere
Sweetheart Like You
True Love Tends to Forget
Girl From the North Country
(music by Bob Dylan and Jacques Levy; lyrics by Bob Dylan and Jacques Levy)
All Along the Watchtower
Idiot Wind
Duquesne Whistle
(music by Bob Dylan and Robert Hunter; lyrics by Bob Dylan and Robert Hunter)
Señor (Tales of Yankee Power)
Is Your Love in Vain?
Forever Young

Tony Award®


Best Book of a Musical

2022 Nominee
Book by Conor McPherson

Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role in a Musical

2022 Nominee
Mare Winningham

Best Performance by an Actress in a Featured Role in a Musical

2022 Nominee
Jeannette Bayardelle

Best Direction of a Musical

2022 Nominee
Directed by Conor McPherson

Best Orchestrations

2022 Winner
Music orchestrated by Simon Hale

Best Sound Design of a Musical

2022 Nominee
Sound Design by Simon Baker
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