Opening Date
Aug 19, 1927
Closing Date
Sep 24, 1927


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Lyric Theatre
(Aug 19, 1927 - Sep 1927)
Wallack's Theatre
(Sep 19, 1927 - Sep 24, 1927)

A musical in two acts

Stage of the Folly Theatre.

Produced by The Tom Cat, Inc.
Book by Roland Oliver; Music by Harry Denny; Lyrics by Harry Denny; Additional text by Henry C. White; Musical Director: Oscar Radin; Music orchestrated by Otto Drescher; Additional numbers by Joe Fletcher, Irving Bibo, Irving Kahal, William B. Friedlander, Ted Snyder, Francis Wheeler, Rene Mercier, Ballard MacDonald, Sam Coslow and Dave Ringle
Directed by Bunny Weldon
Costume Design by Mahieu; Scenic Design by August Vimnera Studios
Billie McIntyre
Eileen Olsen
Gloria Lyttle
Roy Royal
Meyer Schmidt
Marigold Murphy
Estelle Flannigan
Lucia Baccigaloupi
Silvya Wimple
Trilbie Jenkins
Patsie Cohen
Jeannie Grinkle
Mugsie Mulligan
Weenie De La Tour
Oscar Jennings
Maisie Buckman
Hazel Deane
Cleo Patrick
Elsie Quinn
Jacob Perlstein
Billy Bamper
Fawn Rosey
George Weston
Rachel Murphy
Lola La Verne
Cutie Fischbaum
Violet Wilding
music by Harry Denny; lyrics by Harry Denny
(Unless otherwise noted)
Act 1
Sung By
Hazel Deane
Sure Sign You Really Love Me
Hazel Deane
Oscar Jennings and Company
The Ducks Calls It Luck
Hazel Deane, Billy Bamper and Ensemble
Act 2
Sung By
College Pals
Roy Royal and Company
Just When I Thought I Had You All to Myself
(music by Harry Denny and Joe Fletcher; lyrics by Harry Denny and Joe Fletcher)
Violet Wilding
Footlight Walk
Violet Wilding and Chorus
You Can't Walk Home from an Aeroplane
(music by Irving Bibo and William B. Friedlander; lyrics by Irving Bibo and William B. Friedlander)
(Roam On, My Little) Gypsy Sweetheart
(music by Ted Snyder; lyrics by Irving Kahal and Francis Wheeler)
Roy Royal, Elsie Quinn and Chorus
I Adore You
(music by Rene Mercier; lyrics by Sam Coslow and Ballard MacDonald)
Billy Bamper and Chorus
Sahara Moon
(music by Harry Denny and Dave Ringle; lyrics by Harry Denny and Dave Ringle)
Violet Wilding, Hazel Deane, Billy Bamper and Chorus
Sure Sign You Really Love Me (Reprise)
Hazel Deane

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