PlayComedy Farce Play with musicRevivalBroadway
Opening Date
Oct 18, 1897
Closing Date
Nov 06, 1897
PlayComedy Farce Play with musicRevivalBroadway


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Harlem Opera House
(Oct 18, 1897 - Oct 23, 1987)
Grand Opera House
(Nov 01, 1897 - Nov 06, 1897)

A play in three acts

Produced by Rich & Harris
Written by John J. McNally; Musical Director: John C. Sorg; Music arranged by John C. Sorg; Additional music by Dave Reed, Jr. and Theodore M. Metz; Additional lyrics by Dave Reed, Jr. and Joe Hayden
Mollie Mavourn
Judge Jeremiah Geoghan
Dickey Daggett
Sylvia Rosebud
Dottie Dimple
Clerk of Court
Worthington Wirth, Sr.
Hal Ford
Court Officer
Molly Miltum
Pop Dooley
Mortimer Morton
Helen Wirth
Mrs. Worthington Wirth, Sr.
Worthington Wirth, Jr.
Della Carte
Act 1
Sung By
When You're In Love
Sylvia Rosebud and Company
Miss Modesty
(music by Dave Reed, Jr.; lyrics by Dave Reed, Jr.)
Dottie Dimple
Why I Became a Sailor
Worthington Wirth, Jr.
Act 2
Sung By
Susie This Coon Has Got the Blues
Dottie Dimple and Company
(There'll Be a) Hot Time in the Old Town To-night
(music by Theodore M. Metz; lyrics by Joe Hayden)
Dottie Dimple and Company
Act 3
Sung By
Taking a Chance
Dottie Dimple and Worthington Wirth, Jr.

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