Opening Date
Oct 07, 1930
Closing Date
Jan 10, 1931


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Liberty Theatre
(Oct 07, 1930 - Jan 10, 1931)

A musical in two acts

St. Louis and France from 1917 to 1920

Produced by Padrae Inc. and Marty Forkins
Staged by Ralph Rose; Musical Staging by Addison Carey and Charles Davis
Scenic Design by Theodore Kahn and Edward Sundquist; Costume Design by Brooks and Ida Bell
Bill Jones
Deacon Siccomore
Mammy Johnson
A Guard
Ukelele Kid
Pete Jackson
Lieutenant Pugh
Betty Lou Johnson
A Policeman
Captain Andrews
Spider Bruce
Privates Red and Struggy
Sam Wilson
A Woman
Jessie Watkins
A Trumpeter
Medical Officer
A Corporal
George Brown
Houstin Charlie
Y.M.C.A. Man
music by Joe Jordan; lyrics by Millard Thomas
(Unless otherwise noted)
Act 1
Sung By
Gettin' Off
Ukelele Kid and Jessie Watkins
(music by Ned Reed; lyrics by Bob Joffe)
Sam Wilson and Betty Lou Johnson
Brown Buddies
Sam Wilson and Boys
When a Black Man's Blue
(music by Edward G. Nelson and Arthur Sizemore; lyrics by George A. Little and Edward G. Nelson)
Mammy Johnson and Boys
Sugar Cane
Ukelele Kid and Jessie Watkins
My Blue Melody (I Hate Myself for Falling in Love with You)
(music by Abner Silver; lyrics by Dave Oppenheim)
Betty Lou Johnson
Carry On
Captain Andrews and Entire Company
Act 2
Sung By
Dance Away Your Sins
(music by James C. Johnson; lyrics by James C. Johnson)
Mammy Johnson and Ensemble
I Lost Everything Losing You
Lieutenant Pugh
Sweetie Mine
Dixie Dancing Girls
Give Me a Man Like That
(music by Arthur Sizemore; lyrics by George A. Little)
Betty Lou Johnson
Betty Lou
Mammy Johnson
In Missouria
(music by Ned Reed; lyrics by Ned Reed)
Ukelele Kid and Boys
Sam Wilson and Girls

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