SpecialBallet DanceRevivalBroadway
Opening Date
Sep 1959
Closing Date
Sep 1959
SpecialBallet DanceRevivalBroadway


Winter Garden Theatre
(Sep 1959 - Sep 1959)

Theatre Owned / Operated by The Shubert Organization
Produced by S. Hurok
Musical Director: Marina Alonso; Orchestra arrangements by R Ramirez; "Corrido" Libretto by Xavier Lavalle
Choreographed by Roberto Iglesias; Assistant Choreographer: Guillermo Keys Arenas; "El Albaicin" and ""Leyenda" choreographed by Ana Mercedes; "Corrido" choreographed by Mr. Iglesias in collaboration with Marcelo Torreblanco
Company Manager: Alfred Fischer
Stage Manager: George Bardyguine
Guitarist: Felix De Utrera and Pepe Munoz; Conducted by Silvio Masciarelli; Pianist: Marina Alonso
General Press Representative: Martin Feinstein; Associate Press Representative: Michael Sweeley; Advertising: Lawrence Weiner

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