Opening Date
Nov 09, 1891
Closing Date
Aug 07, 1893


The credits for this production have not yet been completed or verified.
Madison Square Theatre
(Nov 09, 1891 - Aug 07, 1893)

The songs 'After the Ball' and 'You Gave Me Your Love' were added to the show during its tour.

Book by Charles H. Hoyt; Music by Percy Gaunt; Lyrics by Percy Gaunt; Featuring songs with lyrics by Charles H. Hoyt and W. Barton; Featuring songs by W. Barton
Mrs. Guyer's maid
Willie Grow
proposed at the Bohemian club
Tony Gay
Ben Gay's niece
Ben Gay
a wealthy San Francisco bachelor
Mrs. Guyer
a widow from Chicago
Welland Strong
a man with one foot in the grave
May Wing
professional dancer
Cora Fay
professional dancer
Noah Heep
waiter at The Riche restaurant
Slavin Payne
a servant of Ben Gay
Turner Swift
who runs the ice-crusher
Isbella Dame
friend of the Gays
Hoffman Price
manager of cliff house
Norman Blood
chum of Rashleigh
Rashleigh Gay
Ben Gay's nephew
music by Percy Gaunt; lyrics by Percy Gaunt
(Unless otherwise noted)
Act 1
Sung By
The (Pretty Young) Widow
(lyrics by Charles H. Hoyt)
Push Dem Clouds Away (African Cantata)
Love Me Little, Love Me Long (A Senegambian Pastorale) (Replaced 'Push Dem Clouds Away' late in the run)
Reuben and Cynthia
Crisp Young Chaperone
(music by W. Barton; lyrics by W. Barton)
Out for a Racket
Serpentine (Butterfly) Dance (Added to show February 29, 1892)
Act 2
Burlesque of Italian Opera
Medley: The Cat Came Back, After the Ball, Reuben and Cynthia, It Was a Dream, Georgie
Whistling Extraordinary
The Waiting Maid
Act 3
Sung By
(On) The Bowery
(lyrics by Charles H. Hoyt)
Toe Dance (Added to show May 1, 1893)
Flower Dance (Added to show May 1, 1893)

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