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Opening Date
Jan 04, 1897
Closing Date
Feb 20, 1897
PlayPlay with musicOriginalBroadway


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Hoyt's Theatre
(Jan 04, 1897 - Feb 20, 1897)

In and about the house of Benton Holme, in a fashionable quarter of Denver, Colorado.

Produced by Charles H. Hoyt and Frank McKee
Written by Charles H. Hoyt; Music by Richard Stahl; Featuring songs by Eugene Ellsworth; Featuring songs with lyrics by Charles H. Hoyt and Eugene Ellsworth
Directed by Charles H. Hoyt
Settings by Arthur Voegtlin
Benton Holme
rich and politically ambitious
Aunt Jim
an earnest advocate of Woman's suffrage
E. Quinn Holder
Mrs. Ebbsmith's coachman
Independent Voter
Vandyke Beard
Holme's butler
Mary Peet
lady's maid
Phil Boyles
bar keeper
Boyle Dowle
prize fighter
Brighton Betts
gambling saloon
Cutting Hintz
Benton's bachelor brother-in-law
Etta Bird
parlor maid
Dandy Trotter
Rose Bud
Benton's sister
Grace Holme
Mrs. Watson Chin
a strong-minded friend of Jim
Uncle Todie
Jim's other half - better or worse as you choose
Calliope Ayres
a girl friend of Grace
Miss Helen Wrangell
a strong-minded friend of Jim
Dodge Carr
Mrs. Ebbsmith
considered notorious
music by Richard Stahl; lyrics by Richard Stahl
(Unless otherwise noted)
The Next President's Goin' to be a Coon
Vandyke Beard
We're Goin' to Have a Barbecue
Vandyke Beard
Caroline (March)
Do You Want to Hear the Rest?
(lyrics by Charles H. Hoyt)
Cutting Hintz
War Song
Ladies' Campaign Club
Dainty Saintly Erica
(music by Eugene Ellsworth; lyrics by Eugene Ellsworth)
Grace Holme

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