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The following people are credited as replacements or additions if they were not credited on opening night.

Winter Garden Theatre, 1634 Broadway (At W. 50th St.), New York, NY

Winter Garden Theatre (4/4/1971 - 7/1/1972)
Musical Director: Paul Gemignani.

Company Manager: John Caruso.

Assistant Stage Mgr: Donald Weissmuller.

Party Musician: John Blowers.


Camila Ashland Emily Whitman  
Roy Barry Kevin  
Alexandra Borrie Young Phyllis  
Jan Clayton Christine Crane  
Susanna Clemm Showgirl  
Joel Craig Singer and Dancer  
Patricia Garland Singer and Dancer  
John Johann Young Ben  
Dick Latessa Theodore Whitman  
Ted Lawrie Theodore Whitman  
Marion Marlowe Meredith Lane  
Jennifer Nairn-Smith Showgirl  
Christopher Nelson Kevin  
Joseph Nelson Major-Domo  
Jacqueline Payne Singer and Dancer  
 Young Hattie  
Denise Pence Singer and Dancer  
Marti Rolph Young Heidi  
David Roman Singer and Dancer  
Rita Rudner Singer and Dancer  
Terry Saunders Christine Crane  
Rosemary Shevlin Showgirl  
Margot Travers Young Vanessa  
Donald Weissmuller Willy Wheeler  

Standbys: Jan Clayton (Sally Durant Plummer), Ted Lawrie (Buddy Plummer), Marion Marlowe (Carlotta Campion, Phyllis Rogers Stone).

Understudies: Sonja Levkova (Solange LaFitte), Suzanne Rogers (Young Phyllis), Ken Urmston (Young Ben).

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