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Jan 14, 2020

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Mar 11, 2020

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Wallsend, North East England, 1986

Produced by Karl Sydow; Associate Producer: Ivan Mactaggart and Iain Gillie
New Book by Lorne Campbell; Original Book by John Logan and Brian Yorkey; Music by Sting; Lyrics by Sting; Music orchestrated by Rob Mathes; Musical Director: Richard John; Associate Musical Director (UK): Sam Sommerfeld
Directed by Lorne Campbell; Movement Direction: Lucy Hind; Associate Director: Julia Locascio; Associate Movement Director: James Berkery
Scenic Design by 59 Productions; Costume Design by Molly Einchcomb; Lighting Design by Matt Daw; Sound Design by Sebastian Frost; Lighting Programmer: Leo Woolcock
General Manager: PW Productions and Pemberley Productions
Production Manager: Pete Kramer; Company Stage Manager: Russ Spencer; Production Stage Manager (US): Maggie Swing; Deputy Stage Manager: Lorraine Kearin; Assistant Stage Mgr: Christian Bawtree
Musical Supervisor: Rob Mathes; Keyboard: Richard John; Melodeon: Mick McAuley; Guitar: Ben Butler and Scott Goldbaum; Acoustic Bass: Kaveh Rastegar; Drums/Percussion: Nathaniel Laguzza; Violin: Molly Rogers; Music Contractor: Encompass Music Partners; Music Preparation: Mike Casteel and Lori Casteel
Costume Supervisor: Verity Sadler
Casting Director: Beth Eden; Tour Booking, Engagement Management, Press & Marketing: Broadway Booking Office NYC; Dramaturg: Selma Dimitrijevic; Fight direction by Bethan Clark and Rc-Annie Ltd.; Voice Coach: Helen Jane Simmons; Dance Captain: James Berkery; Social Media: Marathon Digital and Broadway Booking Office NYC; Photographer: Matthew Murphy
Jackie White
Meg Dawson
Peggy White
Gideon Fletcher
Adrian Sanderson
Billy Thompson
Davey Harrison
Maureen Summerson
Mrs. Dees
Baroness Tynedale
Kev Dickinson
Freddy Newlands
Old Joe Fletcher
Thomas Ashburner
Eric Ford
Young Gideon
Ellen Dawson
Cathleen Fleming
Understudies: Marc Akinfolarin (Freddy Newlands, Old Joe Fletcher, Ferryman), James Berkery , Joe Caffrey (Jackie White), Matt Corner (Gideon Fletcher), Susan Fay (Peggy White, Baroness Tynedale, Mrs. Dees), Orla Gormley (Meg Dawson), Annie Grace (Peggy White), Oliver Kearney (Young Gideon, Adrian Sanderson), Sean Kearns (Jackie White), Julia Locascio , David Muscat (Billy Thompson, Freddy Newlands, Davey Harrison, Old Joe Fletcher, Ferryman), Tom Parsons (Gideon Fletcher, Davey Harrison, Adrian Sanderson), Hannah Richardson (Ellen Dawson, Young Meg, Mrs. Dees) and Jade Sophia Vertannes (Ellen Dawson)
music by Sting; lyrics by Sting
Act 1
Sung By
We've Got Nowt Else (Overture)
Jackie White and Company
Island of Souls
And Yet
Gideon Fletcher and Ferryman
Jackie White, Billy Thompson, Adrian Sanderson, Peggy White, Davey Harrison and Company
If You Ever See Me Talking to a Sailor
Meg Dawson and the Women of the Company
Underground River
Billy Thompson and Company
Dead Man's Boots
Gideon Fletcher, Old Joe Fletcher and Young Gideon
When the Pugilist Learned to Dance
Gideon Fletcher and Ellen Dawson
August Winds
Meg Dawson
The Last Ship (Part One)
Jackie White, Peggy White, Davey Harrison and Company
Act 2
Sung By
Mrs. Dees' Rant
Mrs. Dees and the Women of the Company
It's Not the Same Moon
Meg Dawson and Ellen Dawson
All This Time
Ellen Dawson
So to Speak
Jackie White and Peggy White
What Say You, Meg?
Gideon Fletcher and Meg Dawson
The Last Ship (Reprise)
Jackie White and Company
Hadaway (Out of Your Tiny Minds)
Davey Harrison and Company
Underground River (Reprise)
Peggy White and Jackie White
When We Danced
Gideon Fletcher and Meg Dawson
Women at the Gate
Peggy White and the Women of the Company
Show Some Respect
Peggy White and Company
The Last Ship (Finale)
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Feb 20, 2020 - Mar 11, 2020
San Francisco, CA
Jan 14, 2020 - Feb 16, 2020
Los Angeles, CA