Opening Date

Feb 09, 1985

Closing Date

Mar 10, 1985

MusicalOriginalNational Tour


The play takes place during the course of one year . . . this year.

Produced by Gordon Crowe
Original NY production directed by Robert H. Livingston
Conceived & Adapted by Robert H. Livingston; Music by Gary William Friedman; Lyrics by Will Holt; Music arranged by Gary William Friedman; Musical Director: Mitch Kerper
Scenic Design by Dennis Bradford; Costume Design by Selma Cooper; Lighting Design by Gail Reich; Sound Design by Mark Gummer and National Audio
General Manager: Gordon Crowe Associates
Production Stage Manager: Scott Glenn
Keyboards: Mitch Kerper; Percussion and Drums: Tony Lupo; Bass: Ron McClure; Sax and Woodwinds: Dale Kleps
Dance Supervisor: Jane Robertson
music by Gary William Friedman; lyrics by Will Holt
Act 1
Sung By
This Is My Song
The Company
Somebody Else
The Company
Fine For The Shape I'm In
Dorothy, Edna and Helen
Two Of Me
Janet Get Up
The Company
I Like It
The Company
I Never Made Money From Music
Edna and Company
Do You Remember?
Benjamin and Company
In April
Pick More Daisies
The Company
Act 2
Sung By
Taking Our Turn
The Company
Sweet Longings
Janet and The Company
I Am Not Old
Do You Remember? (Reprise)
Benjamin and Company
The Kite
Good Luck To You
Eric and Company
Somebody Else (Reprise)
It Still Isn't Over
Benjamin and Dorothy
This Is My Song
The Company
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Engagement Dates


City and State

Mar 05, 1985 - Mar 10, 1985
New Haven, CT
Mar 03, 1985 - Mar 03, 1985
Newburgh, NY
Feb 13, 1985 - Feb 17, 1985
Philadelphia, PA
Feb 09, 1985 - Feb 10, 1985
Toms River, NJ