Opening Date

Sep 16, 1968

Closing Date

Mar 01, 1969

PlayComedyOriginalNational Tour


A suite in the Plaza Hotel. A Late Winter afternoon, Early Afternoon in Spring, and a Saturday afternoon in June.

Produced by Saint-Subber
Written by Neil Simon
Directed by Mike Nichols
Scenic Design by Oliver Smith; Costume Design by Patricia Zipprodt; Lighting Design by Jean Rosenthal
General Manager: C. Edwin Knill; Company Manager: James O'Neill
Stage Manager: Bill O'Brien and Jack Gianino
General Press Representative: Harvey B. Sabinson and Lee Solters; Press Representative: Dorathi Bock Pierre
Sam Nash
Visitor From Mamaroneck
Jesse Kiplinger
Visitor From Hollywood
Roy Hubley
Visitor From Forest Hills
Karen Nash
Visitor From Mamaroneck
Muriel Tate
Visitor From Hollywood
Norma Hubley
Visitor From Forest Hills
Waiter (Mamaroneck)
Visitor From Mamaroneck
Waiter (Hollywood)
Visitor From Hollywood
Jean McCormack
Visitor From Mamaroneck
Mimsey Hubley
Visitor From Forest Hills
Visitor From Mamaroneck
Borden Eisler
Visitor From Forest Hills
Standby: Shirley Cox (Karen Nash, Muriel Tate, Norma Hubley), Jack Gianino (Bellhop, Waiter (Hollywood), Waiter (Mamaroneck), Borden Eisler), Lucy Martin (Jean McCormack, Mimsey Hubley) and Larry Weber (Sam Nash, Jesse Kiplinger, Roy Hubley)
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Engagement Dates


City and State

Oct 15, 1968 - Mar 01, 1969
Los Angeles, CA
Sep 16, 1968 - Oct 12, 1968
San Francisco, CA