Opening Date

Oct 22, 1985

Closing Date

Mar 29, 1986

PlayDramaOriginalNational Tour


The credits for this production have not yet been completed or verified.
A Chinese restaurant and a real-estate office.

Written by David Mamet
Directed by Gregory Mosher
Scenic Design by Michael Merritt; Costume Design by Nan Cibula; Lighting Design by Kevin Rigdon
General Manager: Joseph Harris; Company Manager: Mitchell Brower
Stage Manager: Daniel Miller Morris and Joel Bloom
Shelly Levene
Dave Moss
George Aaronow
Richard Roma
James Lingk
John Williamson
Understudies: Robert Hackman (Shelly Levene, George Aaronow), Richard Holden (John Williamson, James Lingk, Baylen) and Alfred Karl (Dave Moss, Richard Roma, Baylen)
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Engagement Dates


City and State

Mar 04, 1986 - Mar 29, 1986
Chicago, IL
Feb 11, 1986 - Mar 02, 1986
Boston, MA
Nov 26, 1985 - Jan 05, 1986
Los Angeles, CA
Oct 22, 1985 - Nov 24, 1985
San Francisco, CA