Opening Date
Apr 08, 1895
Closing Date
May 18, 1895


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Broadway Theatre
(Apr 08, 1895 - May 18, 1895)

Produced by David Henderson
Book by J. Cheever Goodwin; Lyrics by J. Cheever Goodwin; Music by W.H. Batchelor, W. F. Gloves and Jesse Williams; Music arranged by W.H. Batchelor, W. F. Gloves and Jesse Williams; Featuring songs by Hattie Starr; Featuring songs with lyrics by Hattie Starr; Musical Director: Jesse Williams; Ballets composed by Carlo Coppe; Ballets arranged by Filiberto Marchetti; Music of the ballet by Georgio Jacobi
Produced under the direction of Richard Barker
Scenery and effects designed by Frederick Dangerfield; Costume Design by Howell Russell; Electrical effects by Martin Krueger and James Pennyfather
the Cat
Aladdin, Jr.
a scamp
Abanazar's apprentice
Chow Chow
Ki Yi's Vizier
Ki Yi's daughter
Widow Bohea
Aladdin's mother
Tu Tee Fru Tee
Chinese swell
Genii of the Lamp
a nightmare
Ki Yi
Emperor of China
Poo See Wee Lo
Chinese belle
Lilly Mulcahy
Good Girl, the Widow's Assistant
a magician
Spirit of the Ring
a dream
Chee Kee
Aladdin's sister
Da See Gur Lee
Chinese belle
Lee Tel Wee Lee
Chinese swell
Pansy Mulachy
Good Girl, the Widow's Assistant
son of the Vizier
music by Jesse Williams, W. F. Gloves and W.H. Batchelor; lyrics by J. Cheever Goodwin
(Unless otherwise noted)
Act 1
Sung By
An Emperor's Lot
Ki Yi
Laundry Trio
Widow Bohea, Pansy Mulachy and Lilly Mulcahy
The Rackety Boys Song
Aladdin, Jr.
A Magician of High Degree
Women, Wine and Song
Abanazar, Ki Yi, Chow Chow, Aladdin, Jr., Chee Kee, Oolong and Widow Bohea
Message of the Rose
Aladdin, Jr. and Badroulbadour
I Must Away
Act 2
Sung By
The Feast of Lanterns
Love Among the Freaks
Ki Yi
(Little) Alabama Coon
(music by Hattie Starr; lyrics by Hattie Starr)
Chee Kee
I Don't Suppose You Have
The Ha Ha Song
Pansy Mulachy and Lilly Mulcahy
Act 3
Sung By
Bow Down!
I've Booked the Date
The Way He Arranges His Face
Ki Yi
(I Am the) Beauteous Widow Bohea
Ki Yi, Chow Chow and Widow Bohea
I Didn't Think She'd Do It
Aladdin, Jr.
Dorothy Flop
Poo See Wee Lo and Da See Gur Lee
Farewell, Fondest and Dearest
Act 4
Sung By
To and Fro
Chee Kee and Chorus
The Stars Alone Can Tell
(music by Jesse Williams; lyrics by Jesse Williams)
Abanazar, Crambo, Ki Yi, Chow Chow and Widow Bohea
Fill High! Drink Deep!
Abanazar and Chorus
Tricks of the Trade

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