Opening Date
Feb 22, 1962
Closing Date
May 12, 1962
1st Preview
Feb 20, 1962
1st Preview
Feb 20, 1962


Ethel Barrymore Theatre
(Feb 22, 1962 - May 12, 1962)

The action takes places in St. Jean-de-Luz, Cibourne, New York and at sea. 1954.

Theatre Owned / Operated by The Shubert Organization
Produced by William Hammerstein; Produced in association with David Shaber and William Snyder, Jr.
Written by Garson Kanin; Based on the book "Death of a Man" by Lael Tucker Wertenbaker
Directed by Garson Kanin; Assistant Director: Russell McCaig
Production Design by Boris Aronson; Costume Design by Edith Lutyens Bel Geddes; Lighting Design by Jean Rosenthal; Coiffures by Michel Kazan; Assistant to Mr. Aronson: Lisa Jalowetz and William Bellin; Prod. Ass't. to Miss Rosenthal: Marian Kinsella
General Manager: Al Goldin
Production Supervisor: David Pardoll; Stage Manager: Paul Leaf; Assistant Stage Mgr: Peter Levin
General Press Representative: James D. Proctor; Casting: Helen Clayton; Advertising: The Blaine Thompson Company; Associate Press Representative: Leo Stern; Press Assistant: Louise Weiner; Assistant to Mr. Kanin: Joan Suny
Lael Tucker Wertenbaker
Charles Christian Wertenbaker
Daniel Stein
Madame Oyarzabel
Timberlake Wertenbaker
Dr. Barcet
Thomas Loring
Christian Wertenbaker
Susan Loring
Dr. James Danielson
Dr. Cartier
A Waiter
Dr. Gershkorn
An Orderly
Mr. Allen
A News Vendor
A Patient
A Visitor
The Ship's Nurse
The Man's Wife
A Nursing Mother
Miss Pieroni
Mrs. Allen
A Monk
The Purser
Frédéric Etchegarry
A Counterman
A Patient
A Very Old Man
A Monk
Michel Etchegarry
A One-Armed Man
Dr. Ross
Deck Steward
Miguel Telleria
A Man
Miss Wills
A Counterman
Dr. Martinez
Mirentchu Etchegarry
Dr. Sala
An Orderly
Ginette Hirribarren
Standby: John MacKay (Charles Christian Wertenbaker) and Marian Seldes (Lael Tucker Wertenbaker)
Understudies: Leo Bloom (Daniel Stein), Guy Danfort (Dr. Barcet, Dr. Martinez, Carlos), Ann Draper (Susan Loring, Mirentchu Etchegarry, Miss Wills), Sol Frieder (Dr. Cartier), Alan Howard (Christian Wertenbaker, A News Vendor), Carol Joplin (Mrs. Allen) and Sindee Ann Richards (Timberlake Wertenbaker, Michel Etchegarry)

Ethel Barrymore Theatre (Feb 22, 1962 - May 12, 1962)


Dr. James Danielson
Michel Etchegarry
Miss Wills
Understudies: José Greco (Christian Wertenbaker, A News Vendor) and Karen Thorsell (Mrs. Allen)

Tony Award®


Best Featured Actor in a Play

1962 Nominee
Joseph Campanella

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