Feb 29, 1944
Devil's Lake, North Dakota, USA
Apr 10, 2014
Temple City, California, USA
Performer Creative Consultant
Biography: Phyllis Annetta Frelich was born on February 29, 1944 in Devils Lake, North Dakota to Esther and Phillip Frelich. She attended Gallaudet College, where she was asked to join the National Theater of the Deaf by one of its founders, David Hays, after he saw her performing. She married Robert Steinberg, with whom she had two children.
Film/TV Credits: Film credits include: “Judgement,” “Santa Fe,” and “Children on Their Birthdays.” Television credits include: “NBC Experiment in Television,” “Barney Miller,” “Gimme a Break!,” “Love Is Never Silent,” “New Love, American Style,” “Spenser: For Hire,” “Santa Barbara,” “Bridge to Silence,” “Hunter,” “L.A. Law,” “Pacific Blue,” “ER,” “Diagnosis Murder,” “Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye,” “Sweet Nothing in My Ear,” and “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.”
Prymate (May 05, 2004 - May 08, 2004)
  • Performer: Phyllis Frelich [Esther]
  • ASL Master: Phyllis Frelich
PlayDramaSign LanguageOriginal
Big River (Jul 24, 2003 - Sep 21, 2003)
  • Performer: Phyllis Frelich [Sally Phelps, Miss Watson, Ensemble]
MusicalComedy Sign LanguageRevival
Children of a Lesser God (Mar 30, 1980 - May 16, 1982)
  • Starring: Phyllis Frelich [Sarah Norman]
The National Theater of the Deaf (Jan 12, 1970 - Jan 17, 1970)
  • Sganarelle
  • Performer: Phyllis Frelich [Servant]
PlayPantomime Sign LanguageRevival
  • Songs From Milk Wood
  • Performer: Phyllis Frelich [Polly Garter]
PlayPantomime Sign LanguageOriginal
Big River (Jun 11, 2004 - Jun 05, 2005)
  • Performer: Phyllis Frelich
    • Miss Watson - Replacement
    • Sally Phelps - Replacement
    • Ensemble - Replacement
MusicalSign LanguageRevival

Tony Award®

Best Actress in a Play

1980 | Winner  | Children of a Lesser God
Starring: Phyllis Frelich

Drama Desk Award


Outstanding Actress in a Play

1980 | Nominee  | Children of a Lesser God
Starring: Phyllis Frelich


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