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The following people are credited as replacements or additions if they were not credited on opening night.

South Pacific
Vivian Beaumont Theatre, 150 W. 65th St., New York, NY

Vivian Beaumont Theatre (4/3/2008 - 8/22/2010)
Company Manager: Jessica Perlmeter Cochrane(Sep 23, 2008 - ?), Josh Lowenthal; Assistant Co. Mgr: Daniel Hoyos.

Assistant Stage Mgr: Dana Williams; Production Stage Manager: Rolt Smith.

Oboe/English Horn: Kelly Peral; Conducted by Fred Lassen; Violin: Louise Owen; French Horn: Daniel Grabois; Trombone: Nate Mayland; Tuba: Andrew Rodgers; Conducted by James Moore(Mar 30, 2010-Aug 8, 2010); Viola 2: Alissa Smith.

Assistant Dance Captain: George Psomas; Dance Captain: George Psomas; Assistant Dance Captain: Margot de la Barre.


Eric Anderson Ensemble (Jan 6, 2009 - ?) 
 Stewpot (Jan 6, 2009 - ?) 
Ana Maria Andricain Ensemble  
 Ensign Connie Walewska  
Michael Arnold Ensemble  
 Seabee Johnny Noonan  
Becca Ayers Ensign Janet MacGregor  
Craig Bennett Seaman Thomas Hassinger  
Wendi Bergamini Ensemble  
 Ensign Janet MacGregor  
Matt Caplan Professor (Jan 6, 2009 - ?) 
Todd Cerveris Ensemble  
 Seabee Morton Wise  
David Pittsinger
while Paulo Szot fulfilled previously scheduled opera commitments 
Emile de Becque (Dec 2, 2008-Jan 25, 2009) 
 Emile de Becque (Mar 12, 2009-Apr 12, 2009) 
 Emile de Becque  
Christian Delcroix Professor  
Branch Fields Petty Officer Hamilton Steves  
Rob Gallagher Lieutenant Eustis Carmichael  
Murphy Guyer Captain George Brackett, U.S.N.  
Deborah Lew Bloody Mary's Assistant  
Peter Lockyer Ensemble  
 Radio Operator Bob McCaffrey  
Liz McCartney Ensemble  
 Lt. Genevieve Marshall (Jun 24, 2008 - ?) 
William Michals
While Paulo Szot was on leave 
Emile de Becque (? - Mar 30, 2010) 
While Paulo Szot was on leave Emile de Becque (Apr 13, 2010-Apr 18, 2010) 
While Paulo Szot was on leave Emile de Becque (Jun 1, 2010-Jul 4, 2010) 
Marla Mindelle Ensemble  
 Ensign Cora MacRae  
Kelli O'Hara Ensign Nellie Forbush (Aug 10, 2010-Aug 22, 2010) 
Laura Osnes
while Kelli O'Hara was on maternity leave 
Ensign Nellie Forbush (Mar 10, 2009-Oct 4, 2009) 
 Ensign Nellie Forbush (Jan 5, 2010-Aug 8, 2010) 
Alfie Parker, Jr. Ensemble  
 Seaman Tom O'Brien  
Andrew Samonsky Lt. Joseph Cable, U.S.M.C. (Jan 6, 2009 - ?) 
Jason Michael Snow Yeoman Herbert Quale  
Lucia Spina Lt. Genevieve Marshall (Dec 11, 2008-Jan 4, 2009) 
Matt Wall Ensemble (May 19, 2009-Dec 20, 2009) 
 Seabee Morton Wise (May 19, 2009-Dec 20, 2009) 

Swings: Becca Ayers, Jacqueline Bayne, Eric L. Christian, Julie Foldesi, Greg Roderick, Sarah Solie, Correy West.

Understudies: Eric Anderson (Captain George Brackett, U.S.N.), Michael Arnold (Stewpot), Becca Ayers (Ensign Dinah Murphy), Wendi Bergamini (Ensign Dinah Murphy, Ensign Nellie Forbush), Genson Blimline (Cmdr. William Harbison, U.S.N.), Charlie Brady (Lt. Joseph Cable, U.S.M.C.), Todd Cerveris (Captain George Brackett, U.S.N., Stewpot), Margot de la Barre (Liat), Julie Foldesi (Ensign Dinah Murphy), Rob Gallagher (Cmdr. William Harbison, U.S.N., Emile de Becque), Deborah Lew (Liat), Peter Lockyer (Lt. Joseph Cable, U.S.M.C.), Garrett Long (Ensign Dinah Murphy), Liz McCartney (Bloody Mary), George Merrick (Luther Billis), Alfie Parker, Jr. (Henry), Greg Roderick (Radio Operator Bob McCaffrey, Yeoman Herbert Quale), Jason Michael Snow (Professor), Lucia Spina (Bloody Mary).

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