Opening Date

Apr 16, 1984

Closing Date

Oct 21, 1984

MusicalComedy PuppetsOriginalNational Tour


Mushnik's flower shop on Skid Row.

Originally produced by The WPA Theatre
Book by Howard Ashman; Music by Alan Menken; Lyrics by Howard Ashman; Based Upon the Film by Roger Corman; Based Upon the Film with Screenplay by Charles Griffith; Music orchestrated by Robby Merkin; Vocal arrangements by Robert Billig; Musical Director: Joseph Church
Directed by Howard Ashman
Scenic Design by Edward T. Gianfrancesco; Costume Design by Sally Lesser; Sound Design by Otts Munderloh; Puppet Design by Martin P. Robinson
General Manager: Marvin A. Krauss Associates, Inc.; Company Manager: Sandy Carlson
Production Stage Manager: Randall Buck; Stage Manager: Betsy Nicholson; Assistant Stage Mgr: Marcus B. F. Brown
Musical Supervisor: Robert Billig; Piano: Joseph Church; Percussion: John Meyers; Bass Guitar: Ritt Henn; Keyboards: Jeff Jenkins
General Press Representative: Milly Schoenbaum and Solters / Roskin / Friedman, Inc.; Press Representative: Kevin Patterson; Dance Captain: Marcus B. F. Brown; Photographer: Peter Cunningham
Orin, Bernstein, Snip, Luce and Everyone Else
The Voice of Audrey II
Audrey II (Manipulation)
Swing: Tena Wilson (Chiffon, Crystal, Ronnette)
Understudies: Leslie Bisno (Seymour, Orin, Bernstein, Snip, Luce and Everyone Else, The Voice of Audrey II), David H. Kieserman (Mushnik), Alexana Ryer (Audrey) and Steve Steiner (Orin, Bernstein, Snip, Luce and Everyone Else, Derelict, The Voice of Audrey II, Audrey II (Manipulation))
music by Alan Menken; lyrics by Howard Ashman
Act 1
Sung By
Little Shop of Horrors
Chiffon, Crystal and Ronnette
Skid Row (Downtown)
Chiffon, Crystal and Ronnette
Grow for Me
Don't It Go to Show Ya Never Know
Mushnik, Chiffon, Crystal, Ronnette and Seymour
Somewhere That's Green
Closed for Renovation
Mushnik, Seymour and Audrey
Orin, Chiffon, Crystal and Ronnette
Mushnik and Son
Mushnik and Seymour
Feed Me (Git It)
Seymour and Audrey II
Now (It's Just the Gas)
Orin and Seymour
Act 2
Sung By
Call Back in the Morning
Audrey and Seymour
Suddenly Seymour
Seymour, Audrey, Chiffon, Crystal and Ronnette
Audrey II
The Meek Shall Inherit
Don't Feed the Plants
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Engagement Dates


City and State

Oct 02, 1984 - Oct 21, 1984
San Francisco, CA
Sep 18, 1984 - Sep 30, 1984
Denver, CO
Sep 11, 1984 - Sep 16, 1984
Nashville, TN
Jul 31, 1984 - Sep 02, 1984
Boston, MA
Jun 19, 1984 - Jul 29, 1984
Philadelphia, PA
Jun 12, 1984 - Jun 17, 1984
Akron, OH
Jun 05, 1984 - Jun 10, 1984
Buffalo, NY
May 01, 1984 - Jun 03, 1984
Washington, DC
Apr 16, 1984 - Apr 29, 1984
Baltimore, MD