Opening Date

Dec 01, 1992

Closing Date

Jan 24, 1993

MusicalOriginalNational Tour


Act I: 1979. Act II: 1981.

Produced by Barry & Fran Weissler
Book by William Finn and James Lapine; Music by William Finn; Lyrics by William Finn; Music orchestrated by Michael Starobin; Music arranged by Michael Starobin; Additions vocal arrangements by Alison Fraser; Musical Director: Ben Whiteley
Directed by James Lapine; Assistant Director: Michael Sexton
Scenic Design by Douglas Stein; Costume Design by Ann Hould-Ward; Lighting Design by Frances Aronson; Sound Design by Peter Fitzgerald; Hair Design by Phyllis Della; Assistant Scenic Design: Judy Galen
General Manager: Barbara Darwall and Lynn Landis; Manager: John Corker
Production Supervisor: Craig Jacobs; Stage Manager: Robert Currie; Assistant Stage Mgr: Robert Castro
Conducted by Ben Whiteley
music by William Finn; lyrics by William Finn
Act 1
Sung By
Four Jews in a Room Bitching
Whizzer, Marvin, Jason and Mendel
A Tight Knit Family
Love is Blind
Marvin, Jason, Whizzer, Mendel and Trina
Thrill of First Love
Marvin and Whizzer
Marvin at the Psychiatrist (A Three-Part Mini-Opera)
Jason, Mendel, Whizzer and Marvin
Everyone Tells Jason to See a Psychiatrist
Jason, Marvin, Trina and Whizzer
This Had Better Come to a Stop
Marvin, Whizzer, Jason, Trina and Mendel
I'm Breaking Down
Jason's Therapy
Mendel, Trina, Whizzer, Marvin and Jason
A Marriage Proposal
Mendel, Trina and Jason
A Tight Knit Family (Reprise)
Marvin and Mendel
Trina's Song
March of the Falsettos
Mendel, Marvin, Jason and Whizzer
Trina's Song (Reprise)
The Chess Game
Marvin and Whizzer
Making a Home
Mendel, Jason, Trina and Whizzer
The Games I Play
Marvin Goes Crazy
Marvin, Mendel, Jason, Trina and Whizzer
I Never Wanted to Love You
Marvin, Mendel, Jason, Trina and Whizzer
Father to Son
Marvin and Jason
Act 2
Sung By
Welcome to Falsettoland
The Year of the Child
Miracle of Judaism
Sitting Watching Jason (Play Baseball)
A Day in Falsettoland
Everyone Hates His Parents
Mendel, Jason, Marvin and Trina
What More Can I Say
Marvin and Whizzer
Something Bad Is Happening
Charlotte and Cordelia
Holding to the Ground
Days Like This I Almost Believe in God
Cancelling the Bar Mitzvah
Jason, Mendel and Trina
Unlikely Lovers
Marvin, Whizzer, Charlotte and Cordelia
Another Miracle of Judaism
You Gotta Die Sometime
Jason's Bar Mitzvah
What Would I Do?
Marvin and Whizzer
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Jan 12, 1993 - Jan 24, 1993
Stamford, CT
Jan 05, 1993 - Jan 10, 1993
Pittsburgh, PA
Dec 22, 1992 - Jan 03, 1993
Palm Beach, FL
Dec 01, 1992 - Dec 20, 1992
Fort Lauderdale, FL