Opening Date

Jan 14, 1970

Closing Date

May 30, 1970

PlayOriginalNational Tour


The credits for this production have not yet been completed or verified.
America and Wales. The early 1950s.

Produced by San Francisco Theatre Company; Produced in association with Dublin Theatre Festival
Written by Sidney Michaels
Production devised by Jack Aranson; Directed by Phillip Pruneau
Scenic Design by Stuart Wurtzel; Costume Design by Patrizia Von Brandenstein; Lighting Design by Ward Russell
Company Manager: James S. Miller
Production Stage Manager: William Browder; Stage Manager: Terry Moore
Press Representative: Theresa Loeb Cone and Dorathi Bock Pierre
Dylan Thomas
Angus Marius
Thelma Wonderland
Reporter, party guest, student, servant
Meg Stuart
A Clubwoman
Elena Antone
Caitlin Thomas
Robert Mattock
A Bartender
Reporter, party guest, student, servant
Jay Henry Antone
Reporter, party guest, student, servant
Annabelle Graham-Pike
Katherine Anne Porter
Reporter, party guest, student, servant
Rev. Breathwate
Reporter, party guest, student, servant
John Malcolm Brinnin
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Engagement Dates


City and State

May 18, 1970 - May 30, 1970
Philadelphia, PA
May 04, 1970 - May 16, 1970
Boston, MA
Apr 20, 1970 - May 02, 1970
Washington, DC
Mar 17, 1970 - Apr 18, 1970
Chicago, IL
Mar 31, 1970 - Apr 05, 1970
Chicago, IL
Jan 14, 1970 - Feb 01, 1970
San Francisco, CA