Opening Date

Nov 12, 2021

Closing Date

Jan 01, 2022

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Adapted by Jack Thorne; Composer: Christopher Nightingale; Music orchestrated by Christopher Nightingale; Music arranged by Christopher Nightingale; Musical Director: Remy Kurs
Directed by Thomas Caruso
Scenic Design by Rob Howell; Costume Design by Rob Howell; Lighting Design by Hugh Vanstone; Sound Design by Simon Baker
Casting: Jim Carnahan, CSA and Jason Thinger; Movement by Lizzi Gee
Ebenezer Scrooge
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Engagement Dates


City and State

Nov 12, 2021 - Nov 13, 2021
Spokane, WA
Nov 18, 2021 - Nov 21, 2021
Phoenix, AZ
Nov 23, 2021 - Nov 28, 2021
Las Vegas, NV
Nov 30, 2021 - Jan 01, 2022
Los Angeles, CA