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The following people are credited as replacements or additions if they were not credited on opening night.
Cast order by:
I Love Lucy Live on Stage

Musical Director: Andy Belling.

Hair and Wig Design by Judi Lewin; Makeup Design by Karina Branson.

Company Manager: Steve Varon.

Production Stage Manager: Allen McMullen.

Conducted by Andy Belling and Bryan Miller; First Keyboard: Andy Belling and Bryan Miller.

Dance Captain: Richard Strimer.

Lucy Ricardo
Ricky Ricardo
Ethel Mertz
Crystaltone Singer "Ruth-Anne"
Makeup girl "Ernestine"
Headache Sufferer
Pleasant Peasant
Gal on the Go
Stage Manager "Gerald"
Chevy Dancer
Fever Sufferer
King Katt Walsh
Crystalton Singer "Chester"

Standbys: Kami Seymour (Crystaltone Singer "Ruth-Anne"), Kami Seymour (Makeup girl "Ernestine"), Kami Seymour (Headache Sufferer), Kami Seymour (Pleasant Peasant), Kami Seymour (Gal on the Go), Kami Seymour (Crystaltone Singer "Gertie"), Kami Seymour (Fern), Kami Seymour (Dinah Beach), Kami Seymour (Crystaltone Singer "Patsy"), Kami Seymour (Stomach Ache Sufferer), Kami Seymour (Daisy Davenport) and Kami Seymour (Bill Parker's Date)

Understudies: Jody Madaras (Crystaltone Singer "Grant Bosworth"), Jody Madaras (William Parker), Jody Madaras (Laboratory Tester), Jody Madaras (Crystaltone Singer "Buck"), Jody Madaras (Eye Doctor), Jody Madaras (Crystalton Singer "Chester"), Jody Madaras (Fever Sufferer) and Jody Madaras (King Katt Walsh)

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