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The following people are credited as replacements or additions if they were not credited on opening night.
Cast order by:
I Love Lucy Live on Stage

Musical Director: Andy Belling.

Hair and Wig Design by Judi Lewin; Makeup Design by Karina Branson.

Company Manager: Steve Varon.

Production Stage Manager: Allen McMullen.

Conducted by Andy Belling and Bryan Miller; First Keyboard: Andy Belling and Bryan Miller.

Dance Captain: Richard Strimer.

Lucy Ricardo
Ricky Ricardo
Ethel Mertz
Crystaltone Singer "Ruth-Anne"
Makeup girl "Ernestine"
Headache Sufferer
Pleasant Peasant
Gal on the Go
Stage Manager "Gerald"
Chevy Dancer
Fever Sufferer
King Katt Walsh
Crystalton Singer "Chester"

Standbys: Kami Seymour (Crystaltone Singer "Ruth-Anne", Makeup girl "Ernestine", Headache Sufferer, Pleasant Peasant, Gal on the Go, Crystaltone Singer "Gertie", Fern, Dinah Beach, Crystaltone Singer "Patsy", Stomach Ache Sufferer, Daisy Davenport, Bill Parker's Date)

Understudies: Jody Madaras (Crystaltone Singer "Grant Bosworth", William Parker, Laboratory Tester, Crystaltone Singer "Buck", Eye Doctor, Crystalton Singer "Chester", Fever Sufferer, King Katt Walsh)

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