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The following people are credited as replacements or additions if they were not credited on opening night.
Cort Theatre, 138 W. 48th St., New York, NY

Cast order by:
Fish in the Dark
Cort Theatre (Mar 05, 2015 - Aug 01, 2015)

Associate Scenic Design: Mike Kaukl; Video Design by Brad Peterson.

Production Stage Manager: Julia P. Jones; Assistant Stage Mgr: Joe Bowerman.

Norman Drexel
(Jun 09, 2015 - Aug 01, 2015)
Doctor Stiles
Rose Kanter
Brenda Drexel
(Jun 09, 2015 - Aug 01, 2015)
Glenne Headly
During Rita Wilson's hiatus
Brenda Drexel
(? - May 03, 2015)
Stewie Drexel
Doctor Meyers

Understudies: David Beach (Jay Leventhal), David Beach (Doctor Meyers), David Beach (Doctor Stiles), Tony Carlin (Norman Drexel), Tony Carlin (Arthur Drexel), Ali Rose Dachis (Nurse Ramirez), Jené (Fabiana Melendez), Jené (Nurse Ramirez), Janet Sarno (Gloria Drexel), Janet Sarno (Rose Kanter) and Jeff Still (Stewie Drexel)

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