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The following people are credited as replacements or additions if they were not credited on opening night.
Morosco Theatre, 217 W. 45th St., New York, NY
Ethel Barrymore Theatre, 243 W. 47th St., New York, NY
Belasco Theatre, 111 W. 44th St., New York, NY

Cast order by:
Don't Drink the Water
Morosco Theatre (Nov 17, 1966 - Jan 20, 1968)

Understudies: Jim Stevenson (Axel Magee)

Ethel Barrymore Theatre (Jan 22, 1968 - Mar 23, 1968)

Theatre Owned / Operated by The Shubert Organization.

Sound Design by Don Kurtis.

Company Manager: Martin Cohen.

Stage Manager: Luke Andreas and John Hallow; Production Manager: Jim Stevenson.

Assistant to Mr. Schlissel: Robert Greenwald; Casting Director: Mitchell Erickson.

Marion Hollander
(Jul 31, 1967 - ?)
Axel Magee
Father Drobney

Understudies: Luke Andreas (Kaznar), Jim Stevenson (Axel Magee) and Sharon Talbot (Susan Hollander)

Belasco Theatre (Mar 25, 1968 - Apr 20, 1968)

Theatre Owned / Operated by The Shubert Organization.

Casting Director: Mitchell Erickson.

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