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The following people are credited as replacements or additions if they were not credited on opening night.
Criterion Center Stage Right, 1530 Broadway, New York, NY
Gershwin Theatre, 222 W. 51st St., New York, NY

Cast order by:
Criterion Center Stage Right (Aug 14, 1997 - Nov 16, 1997)

Associate Conductor: David Brown and Maggie Torre; Violin Peter Grant, Conway Kuo and Patrick Milando.

Gershwin Theatre (Dec 03, 1997 - Jun 14, 1998)

Abigail Adams
Lewis Morris
Caesar Rodney
Benjamin Franklin
John Adams
Dr. Lyman Hall

Standbys: Rex Everhart (Benjamin Franklin), Diane Fratantoni (Abigail Adams) and Diane Fratantoni (Martha Jefferson)

Understudies: Joseph Cassidy (Painter), John Ellison Conlee (Samuel Chase), Rob Donohoe (Roger Sherman), Rob Donohoe (Lewis Morris), Rob Donohoe (George Read), Rob Donohoe (Leather Apron), Tim Fauvell (George Read), Tim Fauvell (Col. Thomas McKean), John Herrera (John Hancock), James Hindman (John Adams), James Hindman (John Dickinson), James Hindman (Charles Thomson), Kevin Ligon (Robert Livingston), Kevin Ligon (James Wilson), Kevin Ligon (Edward Rutledge), David Lowenstein (Charles Thomson), Michael X. Martin (Dr. Lyman Hall), Michael X. Martin (Roger Sherman), Erik J. McCormack (Painter), Richard Poe (John Adams), Ryan Shively (Thomas Jefferson), Ryan Shively (Dr. Josiah Bartlett), Ryan Shively (Joseph Hewes), Ryan Shively (Leather Apron), Ryan Shively (Courier), Brian Sutherland (Thomas Jefferson), Brian Sutherland (Richard Henry Lee), Richard Thomsen (Dr. Josiah Bartlett), Richard Thomsen (Stephen Hopkins), Richard Thomsen (Rev. John Witherspoon), Richard Thomsen (Caesar Rodney) and Richard Thomsen (Andrew McNair)

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