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Please read the policies below before submitting requests for corrections or additions to IBDB.com. These policies are subject to change at any time without notice or explanation. Please read our disclaimer.
  1. All opening night title page credits of Broadway productions in New York City and First Class National Tours are listed on IBDB.com.
  2. Certain additional credits, if not listed on the title page, are listed on IBDB.com. These credits include:
    • Advertising
    • Casting
    • Choreographer and Associate/Assistant
    • Company Manager and Associate/Assistant
    • Conductor and Associate/Assistant
    • Creative team including all Writers, Composers, Lyricists, and Adapters
    • Creative team of any Source Material if billed in program
    • Dance Captain and Assistant
    • Designer and Associate/Assistant
    • Dialect Coach
    • Director and Associate/Assistant
    • Dramaturg
    • Fight Captain and Assistant
    • Fight Director/Choreographer
    • General Manager and Associate/Assistant
    • Marketing, Interactive Marketing
    • Music Arranger, Contractor, Coordinator, Copyist, Director, and Supervisor
    • Orchestra (when fully listed in program)
    • Performer, Understudy, Stand-by, and Swing
    • Press Representative
    • Producer and Associate/Associating/Executive Producer
    • Production Manager, Production Supervisor, Production Stage Manager
    • Production Photographer
    • Puppet Designer
    • Special Effects Designer
    • Stage Manager and Assistant
    • Technical Supervisor
    • Theatre Owner/Operator
  3. Due to changes and historical inconsistencies in program billings, past and current practice may differ in respect to certain billings. IBDB.com makes best efforts to ensure consistency.
  4. Due to National Tours often having multiple previews/opening nights in various cities during their route, the opening date listed for each National Tour is the date of the first paid public viewing.
  5. All credits and submissions must be verifiable from playbills or other official sources, which the correspondent must provide before any additions to the site are made. IBDB.com will not contact third parties on an individual's behalf. Verification may be faxed to 212-944-0524 or sent by post to IBDB, c/o The Broadway League, 729 Seventh Avenue, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10019. Please do not visit in-person, and please no phone calls.
  6. IBDB.com will attempt to respond to all questions and submissions as soon as possible, but we offer no guarantees of the speed at which submissions will be evaluated. Although all submissions are read, we cannot promise that all questions and submissions will receive a response.
  7. IBDB.com currently lists productions and credits for Broadway in New York and First Class National Tours only. We do not currently list Off-Broadway or Regional productions. In certain situations, these credits may be listed in note form on an individual's personal page. These credits are subject to the same verification process as all other credits.
  8. IBDB.com lists all Tony-eligible shows. In some cases, this may mean the inclusion of certain productions that played at theatres technically considered "Off-Broadway" but that were deemed Tony-eligible by the Tony Awards committee (see City Center for one example).
  9. For the time being, IBDB.com does not include one-time benefit concerts or special events held in a Broadway theatre, if not considered part of the official Broadway season.

If you would like to submit an addition or correction to the site, have questions about these policies, or would like additional information, please proceed to the Contact page.