Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question for us? Below are the most frequently asked questions regarding Internet Broadway Database. Please review them before using the contact form - your question may already be answered here.
  • 1. Why is the cast and crew list for a particular show incomplete?
    We are working backwards through history as we enter data. Due to the enormity of this undertaking, not all credits have been confirmed to date. At the top of incomplete shows is a note that we have not yet fully entered this particular show.
  • 2.How can I update or correct data in the database?
    We welcome corrections and updates. Have you read our policies?
    We will need verification of submissions of cast/crew participation in a show (a copy of the relevant pages from the theatre program usually suffices). Please contact us via our electronic submission form at the bottom of this page. We also accept faxes or mail with a note explaining the correction/addition to:
    The Broadway League
    729 Seventh Avenue, 5th Floor
    New York, NY 10019
    Fax (212) 354-6734
    No phone calls please.
    Please include all relevant dates (start & end) and role name(s).
  • 3.Can I add a headshot to my page?
    Yes, you may submit your own headshot or that of another individual if you are an authorized agent for that person. Please email clear, professional-quality headshots as digital files via our contact submission form. (For verification, you may be asked to also provide an image of a Playbill page with any headshot of that individual. )
  • 4.How can I contact a person in the database?
    We do not have contact information for the people in our database. We are unable to forward messages to any of the people on IBDB.

    If you are interested in contacting someone who is involved with a currently-running Broadway show, you can write to him/her in care of the theatre.
  • 5.Where can I get a poster/video/cast recording/merchandise item for a show?
    We do not sell items through this site, nor do we have information on related show memorabilia. The currently-running shows official web sites may have merchandise for sale. For past shows, videos/DVDs of theatre performances are rarely available for sale. Some websites that may offer help include:
    The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts
    Broadway Theatre Archive
  • 6.Where can I get lyrics or musical scores to a show?
    We do not keep a list of websites with this information. There may be some fan sites for particular shows that have lyrics posted on the web.
  • 7.Why don't you have a person's entire resume on the site?
    At this time, our site includes only shows that played in Broadway houses in New York, and First Class National Tours. We hope to expand the site in the future, but for the time being we are committed to completing the Broadway and Touring Broadway information as fully as possible.
  • 8.How can I get the rights to put on a show?
  • 9.What other enhancements to the site can I expect?
    Recent enhancements to the site include the addition of gross and attendance information, incorporating headshots on person pages and Touring Broadway data. And of course each week, the database expands with more information as our day-to-day data entry is ongoing. Do you have an idea for the site? Let us know!
  • 10.How much is my program/poster/etc worth?
    We have no expertise in valuing programs, posters, or other memorabilia. Try a professional appraiser, or try listing the item on an online auction site such as The short answer is that an item is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it.
  • 11.How can I get more information on or pictures of someone listed on the site?
    We have no pictures in our files, nor do we have any further information for people listed on our site other than what is already posted. For additional information, try performing an internet search on the person's name.