Apr 03, 1924
Omaha, Nebraska, USA
Jul 01, 2004
Los Angeles, California, USA
Brother of
Jocelyn Brando
Husband of
Anna Kashfi (1957 - 1959) divorced
Husband of
Movita Castenada (1960 - 1968) annulled
Husband of
Tarita Teriipia (1962 - ?) divorced
Biography: Marlon Brando, Jr. was born on April 3, 1924 in Omaha, Nebraska to Marlon Brando, Sr. and Dorothy Julia Pennebaker. He studied in the Dramatic Workshop of the New School for Social Research. He performed in summer stock on Long Island before making his Broadway debut. He was an activist for causes such as the African American Civil Rights Movement and various Native American movements. He married Anna Kashfi, with whom he had his son Christian Devi Brando. He then married Movita Castenada, with whom he had his children Miko Castaneda Brando and Rebecca Brando Kotlizky. His third wife was Tarita Teriipaia, with whom he had his children Simon Teihotu and Tarita Cheyenne.

Film/TV Credits: Film credits include: "The Godfather," "Apocalypse Now," "Superman," "A Streetcar Named Desire," "The Island of Dr. Moreau," " In the Name of the Father," "On the Waterfront," "The Score," "Last Tango in Paris," "Guys and Dolls," "Mutiny on the Bounty," "Don Juan DeMarco," and "The Merchant of Venice." Television credits include: "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson," "The Ed Sullivan Show," "The Mike Douglas Show," "The Dick Cavett Show," "Omnibus," "Person to Person," "Actor's Studio," "Tomorrow Coast to Coast," and "Marlon Brando: The Wild One."

Other Awards: Oscar for Best Actor in a Leading Role for "On the Waterfront" in 1955. Received a star on the Walk of Fame in 1960. Oscar for Best Actor in a Leading Role for "The Godfather" in 1973. Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Limited Series or a Special for "Roots: The Next Generations" in 1979.

His autobiography, Songs My Mother Taught Me, was published in 1994.
The marquees of Broadway theaters were dimmed in his honor on July 2, 2004.
A Streetcar Named Desire (Dec 03, 1947 - Dec 17, 1949)
  • Starring: Marlon Brando [Stanley Kowalski]
A Flag Is Born (Sep 05, 1946 - Dec 14, 1946)
  • Performer: Marlon Brando [David]
Candida (Apr 03, 1946 - May 02, 1946)
  • Performer: Marlon Brando [Eugene Marchbanks]
Truckline Cafe (Feb 27, 1946 - Mar 09, 1946)
  • Performer: Marlon Brando [Sage McRae]
Antigone (Feb 18, 1946 - May 04, 1946)
  • Performer: Marlon Brando
    • Messenger - Replacement
I Remember Mama (Oct 19, 1944 - Jun 29, 1946)
  • Performer: Marlon Brando [Nels]

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1946 | Recipient  | Truckline Cafe
Performer: Marlon Brando


1946 | Recipient  | Candida
Performer: Marlon Brando


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