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The following people are credited as replacements or additions if they were not credited on opening night.

Nice Work If You Can Get It
Imperial Theatre, 249 W. 45th St., New York, NY

Imperial Theatre (4/24/2012 - 6/15/2013)
Assistant Stage Mgr: Charlene Speyerer.

Piano/Accordian: Shawn Gough; Assistant Conductor: Aron Accurso; Piano/Keyboards: Aron Accurso.


Andrew Cao Elliot  
Will Chase
During Matthew Broderick's hiatus 
Jimmy Winter (Aug 21, 2012-Aug 26, 2012) 
Blythe Danner Millicent Winter (Dec 18, 2012-Apr 28, 2013) 
Jason DePinto Vic  
Erin Dilly
During Kelli O'Hara's hiatus 
Billie Bendix (Jul 15, 2012-Jul 29, 2012) 
John Treacy Egan Chief Berry (Mar 29, 2013 - ?) 
Paloma Garcia-Lee Alice (Dec 18, 2012 - ?) 
Grasan Kingsberry Fletcher  
Michael McGrath Cookie McGee (Mar 5, 2013 - ?) 
Shina Ann Morris Flo  
Jessie Mueller Billie Bendix (Mar 29, 2013-Jun 15, 2013) 
Brad Oscar Cookie McGee (Jan 8, 2013-Mar 3, 2013) 
Estelle Parsons Millicent Winter (Apr 30, 2013 - ?) 
Conrad John Schuck Senator Max Evergreen (Mar 29, 2013 - ?) 
Emily Tyra Rosie  
Correy West Slim  

Swings: Andrew Cao, Paloma Garcia-Lee, Grasan Kingsberry, Kaitlin Mesh, Shina Ann Morris.

Standbys: Donna English (Millicent Winter, Duchess Estonia Dulworth), Richard Poe (Senator Max Evergreen).

Understudies: Cameron Adams (Jeannie Muldoon), Clyde Alves (Jimmy Winter), Andrew Cao (Jimmy Winter), Barrett Martin (Duke Mahoney), Emily Tyra (Duchess Estonia Dulworth, Eileen Evergreen).

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