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The following people are credited as replacements or additions if they were not credited on opening night.

Damn Yankees
Marquis Theatre, 1535 Broadway, New York, NY

Marquis Theatre (3/3/1994 - 8/6/1995)
Musical Director: David Chase.

Company Manager: Bruce Kagel.

Production Stage Manager: Maureen F. Gibson; Stage Manager: Cosmo P. Hanson(Mar 1995 - ?); Assistant Stage Mgr: James Mountcastle.

Trombone: Randall Andos; Violin: Elizabeth Chang.

Assistant Press Representative: Bill Klemm.


Mel Allen Stadium Voice  
Karen Babcock Kitty  
John Bolton Lo-Tone  
 Play-by-Play Announcer  
 Stadium P.A. Announcer  
Broadway debut Ozzie  
Bill Brassea Bubba  
Meg Bussert Rita  
Mark Chmiel Smokey  
 Voice of TV Sportscaster  
Charlotte d'Amboise Lola  
David Elder Bomber  
Allen Fitzpatrick Del (May 1995-Aug 6, 1995) 
Louis D. Giovannetti Sohovik  
 Voice of Narrator  
JoAnn M. Hunter Hi-Tone  
Gregory Jbara Voice of Narrator  
Troy Britton Johnson Lo-Tone  
Eric Kunze Joe Hardy  
Liz Larsen Gloria Thorpe  
Jerry Lewis
Broadway debut 
Roxie Lucas Lulu  
Penny Ayn Maas Betty  
Rod McCune Rocky  
Christopher Monteleone Mickey  
Robb Edward Morris Bomber  
Cynthia Onrubia Hi-Tone  
Scott Robertson Ad Executive  
Malinda Shaffer Donna  
Jason Workman Joe Hardy  

Swings: Linda Gabler, Rod McCune, Jim T. Ruttman, David A. Wood Broadway debut.

Standby: Valerie Wright (Lola).

Understudies: Meg Bussert (Meg Boyd), David Elder (Joe Hardy), Allen Fitzpatrick (Joe Boyd, Van Buren, Welch), Linda Gabler (Gloria Thorpe), Troy Britton Johnson (Joe Hardy), Roxie Lucas (Sister), Malinda Shaffer (Gloria Thorpe, Lola).

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