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The following people are credited as replacements or additions if they were not credited on opening night.

Starlight Express
Gershwin Theatre, 222 W. 51st St., New York, NY

Gershwin Theatre (3/15/1987 - 1/8/1989)
Assistant Conductor: Jim Laev.

Dance Captain: James Walski.


Keith Allen Dustin  
Bryan Batt Rocky I  
Kimberly Blake Joule  
Danielle Burgio Volta  
Brian Carmack Bobo  
Ronny DeVito Turnov  
Marvin Engran Purse  
Willy Falk Starlight Chorus  
Stacia Goad Ashley  
Stacey Heinz Wrench  
Dorie Herndon Buffy  
Roger Kachel Krupp  
 Greaseball Gang  
Lola Knox Buffy  
Todd Lester Red Caboose  
Michael O'Steen Flat-Top (? - Jan 8, 1989) 
 Greaseball Gang (? - Jan 8, 1989) 
Ken Rose Hashamoto  
John Schiappa Greaseball  
Marc Villa Flat-Top  
Harold Yi Greaseball Gang  

Swings: Dawn Marie Church, Roger Kachel, Janice Lorraine, Jennifer Prescott, Marty Simpson.

Understudies: Bryan Batt (Greaseball), Kimberly Blake (Ashley, Buffy, Dinah), Dawn Marie Church (Ashley, Buffy, Dinah, Joule, Volta, Wrench), Ronny DeVito (Greaseball), Marvin Engran (Krupp), Terri Homberg (Ashley, Wrench, Dinah), Janice Lorraine (Belle, Buffy, Joule, Pearl, Volta, Wrench), Michael O'Steen (Red Caboose), Jennifer Prescott (Buffy, Dinah, Joule, Pearl, Volta, Wrench), Marty Simpson (Ashley, Belle, Joule, Pearl, Volta, Wrench).

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