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The following people are credited as replacements or additions if they were not credited on opening night.

The Pirates of Penzance
Uris Theatre, 222 W. 51st St., New York, NY
Minskoff Theatre, 200 W. 45th St., New York, NY

Uris Theatre (1/8/1981 - 8/8/1981)
Company Manager: Mitzi Harder.

Clarinet Richard Cohen, Steven Hartman; Bassoon Simeon Westbrooke; Flute Keith Underwood, Sheryl Henze, Gary Shocker; Trumpet Ron Stinson, Lauren Draper; Trombone Keith Green; Keyboard Dan Berlinghoff, Allen Shawn, Sue Anderson, Ada Janik; Mallets Bill Moersch; Tympani Bill Ruyle; Percussion Larry Spivack, Dick Koff; Bass Denniz Masuzzo, Michael Tomasula.


Robby Benson Frederic
the Pirate Apprentice 
Karla DeVito Mabel
General Stanley's Daughter 
Peter Noone Frederic
the Pirate Apprentice 
(Jul 27, 1982-Nov 28, 1982) 

Minskoff Theatre (8/9/1981 - 11/28/1982)
Theatre Owned / Operated by Minskoff Organization, James M. Nederlander.


Marsha Bagwell Ruth
Pirate 'Maid-of-all-Work' 
Kaye Ballard Ruth
Pirate 'Maid-of-all-Work' 
James Belushi The Pirate King  
James Caddell Pirate and Policeman  
Patrick Cassidy Frederic
the Pirate Apprentice 
Pam Dawber Mabel
General Stanley's Daughter 
Spring Fairbank Ensemble  
Thom Fielder Pirate and Policeman  
Larry French Ensemble  
David Garrison The Sergeant of Police  
Susan Goodman Ensemble  
Maria Guida Isabel
General Stanley's Daughter 
Nancy Heikin Edith
General Stanley's Daughter 
Cheryl Hodges Major-General Stanley's Daughter  
George S. Irving Major General Stanley  
Nick Jolley Pirate and Policeman  
Wally Kurth Pirate and Policeman  
Phil LaDuca Ensemble  
Janene Lovullo Major-General Stanley's Daughter  
Daniel Marcus The Sergeant of Police  
Donna Lee Marshall Major-General Stanley's Daughter  
Maureen McGovern Mabel
General Stanley's Daughter 
Morgan McKay Pirate and Policeman  
Kathy Morath Major-General Stanley's Daughter  
Walter Niehenke Samuel
The Pirate King's Lieutenant 
Peter Noone Frederic
the Pirate Apprentice 
Valerie Piacenti Kate
General Stanley's Daughter 
Joe Pichette Major General Stanley  
Robert Polenz Pirate and Policeman  
Gary T. Ragland Pirate and Policeman  
Dean Regan Pirate and Policeman  
Gary Sandy The Pirate King  
Michael Scott Pirate and Policeman  
Louis Valenzi Samuel
The Pirate King's Lieutenant 
Martin Walsh Pirate and Policeman  
Treat Williams The Pirate King  

Swing: Iris Revson.

Understudies: Spring Fairbank (Ruth), Susan Goodman (Kate), Cheryl Hodges (Isabel), Nick Jolley (Samuel), Wally Kurth (The Pirate King, The Sergeant of Police), Janene Lovullo (Mabel), Donna Lee Marshall (Edith), Kathy Morath (Mabel), Robert Polenz (Frederic), Michael Scott (The Pirate King), Louis Valenzi (Frederic), Martin Walsh (Major General Stanley).

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